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Kenny Grant

In a nutshell

Kenny is coach, consultant, interim manager and management trainer. He helps businesses transition to more effective ways of working, engaging with individuals and teams delivering products, and guiding the enterprise through the disruptive change that Agile & Lean Transformation demands.

As a consultant Kenny engages with management and leadership teams, helping create the right conditions for Agile/Lean values and principles to flourish. As a coach he engages with management and practitioners delivering products and services, enabling them to build high performing, self organising, motivated teams.


Leeds, UK,

HM Expert since

Thursday March 27, 2014


In the workplace, Kenny helps people understand themselves, their team and their organisation more clearly in order to enable improvements from within and to build more effective capability. Depending on the organisation and the context, engagement may be with people doing the work, management creating the environment or leadership setting the direction – and often all 3.

Coming from a development and architectural background, many of the teams Kenny has worked with have been delivering software products, though as experience in his craft has grown he now regularly helps organisations shine a light on projects outside of IT.