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Julie Nowobilska

Director of Executive Services


Work Different, Be the Difference

In a nutshell

Helping build great relationships with good people


Windsor, United Kingdom

HM Expert since

Monday September 14, 2020


Over 20 years of managing relationships of various types! From telephone and field sales, to lead generation and marketing, to optimising the experience of subscription based research and enquiry services. Working with internal and external networks to facilitate the best outcomes and helping people to achieve both their personal and professional goals.

Current role details

I believe great relationships underpin every successful interaction, whether business or personal. I am dedicated to helping both our highly rated, independent consultant, supply-side members, as well as our C level demand side members achieve the best results, in the most enjoyable way!

I joined the HiveMind Network as I believe that now more than ever the need for a more tailored, holistic approach to optimising business capabilities has never been greater.

Roles & Results

HiveMind Network Ltd - Director of Executive Services (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Managing our Executive Services Portfolio and delighting our clients!
Delivery and Achievements
Successfully work with both internal team, expert members and clients

GARTNER UK LTD - Client Partner & Executive Client Manager (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Working with clients to understand initiatives and goals, and providing a concierge service to access the network of research and analysts
Delivery and Achievements
High retention rate of clients both individually and organisationally. Growing subscription services within organisations.

Prime Marketing Publications - Telemarketing Manager (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Delivering continuous lead generation for technology provider clients. Providing research for the in house publication, from a C level end user base.
Delivery and Achievements
High retention rate of both clients and publication subscribers. Exceeding lead times for research, using new methods for faster results.

Trinity Mirror - Advertising Sales Executive (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Selling advertising space in the Recruitment section of three local newspapers. Responsible for meeting six newspaper deadlines weekly.
Delivery and Achievements
Continuously met and exceeded 3 weekly sales targets. Built a loyal repeat advertising client base.

Industry Experience

Aerospace and Defence

Asset and Wealth Management

Banking and Capital Markets

Financial Services


Power and Utilities

Retail and Consumer