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Over 25 years experience in technology and leadership, promoter of growth-mindset and innovation.


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Tuesday March 27, 2018


Value-driven and accomplished executive with over 25 years of experience working with CxOs transforming their businesses into innovative digital powerhouses. Extensive international experience building, leading and developing forward-thinking global teams reaching from Australia to Latin America. Promoter of growth-mindset and innovation for credible and sustainable business success.

Current role details

Group Chief Architect at Belron International.

Director & Founder at Blue Dome.

Member of Supervisory Board, Mangrove Holdings a.s.
Overseeing the technology direction of a startup company disrupting the eco-system of landlords and housing associations.

Josef's STAR Stories

SABMiller achieved $200m of annual saving transforming to a single... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

SABMiller business was defining a Global Template for its transactional services. The information services functions were local across 70 markets and not in shape to deliver and run the Global Template.


Transform the infrastructure and related services globally ahead of the deployment of the Global Template to individual markets.


Delivered roadmap and architecture for infrastructure and application landscape. Established and ran global demand and portfolio management as well as architecture governance for the transformation programme.


SABMiller transformed from highly federated IT environment into a global function running a single instance Global Template with a saving of $200m annually.

SABMiller was exposed to unacceptable level of information security risk (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

The levels of information security risk across federated SABMiller’s landscape varied. There was lack of consistently applied policies and information security measures. The information security awareness amongst the company leadership was inadequate.


To stabilise the risk profile at an acceptable level and ensure that the risk level stays so in the environment of ever-changing security threats.


Defined the strategy for improvement of SABMiller’s information security broadly based on ITSF domains and benchmarks across all 70 SABMiller’s markets. This was overseen by the Global Executive Committee and successfully implemented in 2012-2015.


The implementation brought SABMiller from the tail of FMCG companies to a pragmatic leadership position in information security.

SABMiller's digital transformation led to industry awards (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

SABMiller knew that consumer and customer intimacy is one of the key pillars of its marketing and sales strategy. SABMiller Global Executive Committee decided to embrace digital technology to improve engagement with its customers and consumers.


The top-level direction required technology leadership, strategy, improvement of digital capabilities within SABMiller and reference architecture. My Strategy & Architecture team partnered with Marketing to deliver those building blocks.


My team and I delivered strategy and subsequently architecture for the digital transformation. We provided thought leadership and led the architecture delivery for consumer and customer engagement, as well as the analytics platform.


SABMiller dramatically improved its intimacy with the consumers and customers as well as the efficiency of its consumer- and customer-facing operations. A proof of concept on Marketing Spend Optimisation ran in Italy paid for the full implementation project before its go-live. Our consumer analytics platform won the prestigious 2015 Business Technology Leadership Award for Business Analytics from Ventana Research.

Business Capability Mapping led to prioritisation of $400m demand into... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

SABMiller’s investment into technology was directed towards the development and deployment of the Global Template. Once the implementation covered countries producing 60% of Net Producer Revenue, it became essential to bring the investment to a sustainable level. However, the markets were starved of investment due to focus on Global Template and the business demand exploded to $400m.


A method was needed to prioritise investments bringing the most strategic benefits to the company, taking the $400m demand to $100m portfolio.


My team and I piloted and then delivered a business capability mapping establishing a clear link between business strategy, drivers and goals and individual technology-related investments.

We delivered business improvement roadmaps for global business functions and across business regions. On the back of this, I implemented architecture governance ensuring that individual projects adhere to SABMiller’s strategy and follow architecture standards.


$400m demand prioritised into a $100m investment portfolio with a clear connection to business goals. Business capability mapping became the default engagement platform between the IT Business Partners and the business leadership, providing Lingua Franca across functions and markets.

New, business-led governance structure is helping BMI Group to achieve... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

BMI Group embarked on a business transformation journey underpinned by a portfolio of strategic programs, e.g., ERP modernisation and consolidation, workforce management, and transformation of global supply chain planning and execution. The group lacked a structure to develop, evolve, and protect the business template. Also, there was no mechanism in place to ensure that the business template will be correctly translated into technology architecture and its delivery.


BMI Group asked me to define and establish the transformation governance structure ranging from the Excom to service delivery.


• Developed business governance to ensure that the new business template is designed, protected and adopted (Design Authority).
• Developed and led changes in technology governance to ensure that the business template is supported by adequate technology (Architecture Review Board).
• Led review of the Service Delivery function and implemented changes to ensure the function is prepared to support the new solution portfolio.


The governance increased business engagement, transparency and trust in the transformation journey.

New customer value and services thanks to brand new digital... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Client’s strategy was to transform from a manufacturer of roofing materials to a provider of roofing solutions and services. Therefore, the client had to explore new customer segments, channels and routes to market.


The client considered establishing their own digital capability to meet the challenge.


Within the first three months, a digital aspiration for the group was set which:

  • Improved clarity of responsibilities and capabilities to deliver against them
  • Identified, agreed and prioritised new ideas and opportunities to generate business value
  • Agreed and defined actions and a feasible roadmap

Within a year, a digital capability including an internal team was built:

  • Improving access to skills, capabilities and expert availability
  • Demonstrating, socialising and communicating concepts, outcomes and business cases
  • Including DevOps to develop and support a B2C channel and other digital product

Value was delivered by;

  • Enabling positive behavioural change
  • Improved business agility and ability to rapidly respond to change and opportunity
  • Successful, timely delivery of evidence based transformative change
  • Fostering a human centric, transparent, trustworthy and agile culture
  • Increased credibility, confidence and influence across the business
  • Enabling competitive differentiation and increasing market share
  • Increase customer acquisition, advocacy and lifetime value
  • Viable, scalable and actionable roadmap to deliver innovation and change

Pains relieved included;

  • Lack of exec sponsorship and track record
  • Lack of appropriate capabilities, skills, tools and methods
  • Unclear business strategy and requirements

First-year outcomes included:

  • Consolidated product information data across multiple business units in four countries to a global product information repository.
  • Global website and a country website template rolled out to four countries, with a plan to deploy to another 10 by the end of 2019.
  • Roll-out of extended warranties by building a roofer portal launched in six countries.
  • Cultural shift by identifying and training more than two hundred “Digital Ninjas”, employees who are helping others with the adoption of digital technologies across the world.
  • Proofs of concept in areas of Robotics and Automation and training through augmented and virtual reality.

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