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Changes in People / Process / Technology / Measured Outcomes = Business Transformation

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I help organisations unlock new capabilities & outcomes through effective business transformation


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Bristol, United Kingdom


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Tuesday May 05, 2020

About Jonathan

I'm passionate about transformation, digital or otherwise. I've worked within business transformation and change for over 15 years across the financial services, retail, mechanical & industrial and waste / recycling industries across a variety of roles.

I started my career as a Business Analyst learning the craft and understanding how projects / programmes fit together and how businesses tick, also to learn to never accept the first answer given and question everything. After progressing into a Change Manager I found my passion in ensuring that people impacted by changes are managed adequately to ensure success, this has supported me in further roles including Programme / Project Management.

In 2016 I set-up my own Business Transformation consultancy business "The Transformation Office" which helps organisations unlock new capabilities and outcomes by tailoring services to fit our clients needs.

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Currently looking for opportunities during the COVID-19 pandemic

Jonathan's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


I was working for Viridor Waste Management and they was undergoing a large scale business transformation enabled by a green field SAP implementation and had support from one of the big six consultancy firms to help work on various aspects of the programme alongside permanent employees. The change stream was originally led by their change resource who was supposed to help set-up the change effort to run alongside the programme delivery. However after 2 months it was clear that the progress and set-up wasn't moving at the rate the Programme Manager required and with the SAP Blueprinting process due to start

I was promoted within the programme to become "Change Manager" for the programme and I was given the task to run the change effort for the programme including hiring communications, training and change support roles and to ensure the change impacts / change impact assessment could be created in line with the SAP blueprint process.

After taking on the post I worked on the following actions:

  • Created a change team which included a Communications Manager, Communications Assistant, Training Manager, Business Change HR Advisor, Change Support Officers which improved the skills and capabilities of the business through establishing an Change Management Office (CMO)

  • Created a OCM Framework for the team to follow and utilise from Change Planning to Change Delivery

  • Briefed the Business Analysis and End to End Process teams to record and capture change impacts as part of the blueprint workshops, to be recorded in a central Change Impact Log

  • Created a remote Change Network which included Change Ambassadors (Senior Directors), Change Champions (Senior Managers nominated by Directors) and Change Agents which enhanced cross-business collaboration, communication and buy in

  • Created a Change Impact Assessment to help onboard Change AMbassadors on what changes where coming and influenced / guided them on next steps

  • Build Change Plans inline with the Programme phases which included activities which helped to identify, agree and prioritise the new ideas and activities to generate business value and build a feasible roadmap for the business units

  • Measured business readiness on a periodic basis through control rooms which were designed to help provide structure to regional businesses and gather feedback on progress

Value was delivered by;

  • Enabling positive behavioural change through establishing a Change Management Office (CMO) and measured success through readiness assessments pre and post implementations.

  • Improved business agility and ability to rapidly respond to change and opportunity due to an established change management framework which was proven on their largest programme of work undertaken.

  • Increased credibility, confidence and influence across the business due to Senior Operational Directors devoting time to participating in control rooms with the change teams for future phases.

Pains relieved included;

  • Unclear or inefficient internal communications through regular interactions with remote business units and establishing a two-way communication channel

  • Disconnect between culture and future vision through ensuring feedback from the business is reaching the programme team and sponsor as well as reporting readiness of those units


Our client Hydro International (a medium sized mechanical industrial business supporting the water industry) based in the South West UK had acquired a business which added new products / services and offerings to its customers but hadn't yet integrated it into the business leaving duplicated departments / roles, confusion for customers because processes were not joined up and impacting overall customer service. My client needed help organising their business integration rather than just rely on weekly meetings and talking about what should be happening with little to no progress.

I was given the responsibility to organise the business integration and build up a programme of work to manage it through from definition to delivery. Starting with an operating model review to ensure that the client knew what the target was and effectively build work streams to help produce that target in line with the TOM. Building a programme of work and managing / influencing the senior management and directors to ensure the business acquired is integrated from all aspects (products, finances, systems).


  • What did you do to help... Improved internal satisfaction, loyalty and customer value

The following actions were undertaken to support my client:

  • AS IS Strategic analysis to build their Current Operating Model (COM) to include:

    • Products & Services

    • Processes

    • People / Roles

    • Finances

    • Systems & Data

    • Assets & Infrastructure

    • Customers

    • Suppliers

  • Create work streams with leads from the business to be responsible for their aspect of the business integration

  • Facilitated 7 key workshops with the leads to build the Target Operating Model (TOM) which defined how we are going to improve access to skills, capabilities and expertise

  • Created the activities with the leads on what needed to be achieved to achieve the Target Operating Model throughout regular communication touch points which validated and endorsed all decisions made.

  • Programme managed the team and their individual projects to ensure a co-ordinated effort and that the impacted employees of the acquired business understood what is happening and when.

  • Improve internal satisfaction, loyalty and customer value by consolidating the customer offer into existing businesses & structures.


The results of the actions above meant that a target operating model was achieved in 6 weeks from start and the programme was achieved in 5 months which included the following outputs:

  • New Products & Services were created and Sales & Marketing aligned their efforts to incorporate them within their overall offering

  • New Processes around product support were integrated within the European business along with some role changes to support them

  • Approximately 10 roles at the acquired company were made redundant due to duplication of efforts (HR, Marketing, IT)

  • Old offices based in Herefordshire were closed down due to them not being required anymore

  • Data from their old CRM / Sales Order Processing systems were transferred into the European businesses ERP solution (Dynamics CRM / NAV)

  • New customer service modules within Dynamics CRM was configured and customised to include SLAs to enhance response times of tickets to under 24 hours

Value was delivered by;

  • Improved business agility and ability to rapidly respond to change and opportunity

  • Successful, timely delivery of evidence based transformative change

  • Direct positive impact on internal and external customer satisfaction

Pains relieved included;

  • Inefficient or misaligned operating model and lack of business agility

  • Misaligned goals across business and silos

  • Unclear business strategy and requirements


In 2015 our client Hydro International (a medium sized business within the mechanical industrial industry) had kicked off an ERP implementation across their core business units in the UK and US totalling four major sites. The ERP selected was Microsoft Dynamics CRM & NAV solutions which included some specific modules relevant to the construction industry. Unfortunately due to the lack of governance and no sponsorship they only implemented part of a solution to both US sites due to issues with business requirements and the solution matching those requirements causing unsatisfied senior stakeholders, the programme was put on pause with no immediate route to fixing the issues and the team requiring help.

We was brought in to support my client to turn around the failing ERP implementation and to implement the correct level of governance, structure and sponsorship to ensure the programme could continue and re-align expectations with all business units to achieve a successful delivery.

During the engagement I undertook the following actions

  • Utilise the MSP (Managing Successful Programmes) framework to first identify the programme's purpose and its goals / objectives

  • Improve clarity of responsibilities and capabilities to deliver against them through a clear defined programme and a set of projects.

  • Enhanced cross-business collaboration through clear sponsorship and ownership whilst setting up clear governance structures

  • Visit the US sites within the first month of landing to understand the specifics of what was implemented and their critical issues around the implementation and create a quick wins list

  • Quickly build an MVP / Remediation Phase into the programme to focus the IT team on solving the immediate issues in weekly updates.

  • Establish twice weekly calls with the key US teams to update on progress and improve engagement / feedback on progress

  • Improve internal satisfaction, loyalty and customer value by re-focusing the programme roadmap to resolve challenges which are hindering their businesses biggest customers

  • Deliver the ERP solution to the remaining UK sites once US sites had been completed enabling faster, more informed decisions and actions for the business

  • Upgraded Dynamics CRM 2015 to 365

  • Implement Dynamics Mobile Apps to Sales Teams and Offline working capabilities

Value was delivered by;

  • Enabling positive behavioural change by listening to all of the business units and delivering a minimum value proposition (MVP) to fix burning issues.  This helped to foster integrity with the revised programme team and confidence to deliver the full solution.

  • Improved business agility and ability to rapidly respond to change and opportunity by having all of the business on the same ERP platform, being able to compare both wastewater and stormwater businesses across the UK and US.

  • Successful, timely delivery of evidence based transformative change by delivering the ERP solution across the business within an 18 month period

Pains relieved included;

  • Lack of exec sponsorship and track record by establishing process ownership and set-up of programme boards

  • Unclear business strategy and requirements as all business units weren't aligned in the overall vision and purpose of what the ERP solution was going to deliver

  • Misaligned goals across business and silos due to differences of opinion and priority which was resolved through clear governance structures

  • Unclear or inefficient internal communications as business units (especially in the US) didn't buy into the programme due to lack of awareness and engagement

  • Disconnect between culture and future vision due to recent changes in leadership which this programme helped to bridge in the short term


Roles & Results

HYDRO INTERNATIONAL LTD - Quality Assurance (Programme)

(Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
The brief was to review their current Systems Integration Programme set-up for a recent M&A and ensure they are set-up for success
Delivery and Achievements
Applying MSP to ensure the client has the following stages completed: - Identify a Programme - Define a Programme - Effective Sponsorship and governance which was absent

SCREWFIX LTD - Agile Project Manager

(Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Provided project management services using the AgilePM framework for their Marketing Development Project including: - Lean Six Sigma process improvement - Customer data cleanse
Delivery and Achievements
Successfully delivered process improvements for their marketing delivery resulting in one head count and delivered a new data schema for their consumer data platform

C & J CLARK INTERNATIONAL LTD - Senior Business Analyst

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Requirements / Actions
Provided BA services to work with Clarks eCommerce teams to capture requirements and help deliver a new consumer data platform to support omni-personalisation (email, online, in store, call centre)
Delivery and Achievements
Captured a catalogue of requirements Managed solution selection picking AgilOne Briefed the digital engineering team using User Stories (JIRA) Delivered AgilOne & trained end users


(Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Provided programme management services to recover and run my clients ERP Implementation (Dynamics CRM & NAV) across their UK and US sites. Included programme set-up, execution & delivery
Delivery and Achievements
Recovered failing ERP implementation due to lack of programme control. Completed US deployments in Portland, OE and Portland, ME Gained senior sponsorship for the programme.

HYDRO INTERNATIONAL LTD - Business Integration Programme Manager

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Requirements / Actions
Provided programme management services to integrate a recently acquired business covering products & services, processes, people, assets, finances and systems
Delivery and Achievements
Created a current and target operating model signed off from the business Managed the programme delivery of all work streams. Delivered their ERP solution into the acquired business


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Requirements / Actions
Provided change management services for a large scale business transformation programme enabled by SAP ERP solutions
Delivery and Achievements
Built a OCM framework from change preparation to execution Built a change network and achieved adoption and support from the business Delivered change plans (comms, training, readiness)


Industry Experience

  • Retail and Consumer
  • Engineering and Construction
  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Power and Utilities

Regional Experience

  • Europe
  • North America


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