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Founder & MD at Predictable Growth.
1 Line Summary
Delivering predictable growth by automating customer acquisition, sourcing, procurement & invoicing.
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United Kingdom
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Member since: 15-09-2018
My Background Details
I am passionate about helping companies to achieve their growth potential through planning, process automation and aligning teams to focus on predictable growth.

Having worked in marketing with clients such as VAG, Peugeot, Intel & HP across EMEA, I founded and led a software-as-a-service (SaaS) procurement technology start-up through to predictable growth with high lifetime value clients in North America, Europe, Africa and AsiaPac.

I thrive on developing strategy and operational plans and enjoy automating sales, marketing and procurement processes to deliver profitable and predictable growth.

In 2017, I graduated from the Goldman Sachs 10KSB Program for high growth potential business leaders.
Current Role Details
I work with leaders of high potential small and medium sized businesses to provide a catalyst for growth.

I help companies accelerate predictable revenue growth through developing a growth mindset, aligning revenue models and funding requirements, automating customer acquisition, streamlining operational and procurement processes, optimising retention and margins.

I provide hands-on, pragmatic advice and expertise and am highly results oriented.
PASSINC - Business strategy

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Delivery and Achievements
Assisted the founder with structural change, developed customer acquisition & retention strategy to accelerate revenue growth.
SMARTECH ENERGY - Strategy & Planning

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Delivery and Achievements
Delivered new product / service offering to market, improved value alignment and re-focussed operational plans on delivery / KPIs.
JEFFREY AI - Business Consulting

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Delivery and Achievements
Working with shareholders to build business plan, develop financial projections, raise funding, roll out customer acquisition strategy and create top line predictable growth.

James Samuels

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