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Ian Plowman

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Enabling any group of people in effective dialogue on any topic, half the time, twice the wisdom.


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Brisbane, Australia

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Friday March 15, 2019


Ian Plowman is an Consultant, educator, facilitator and social researcher with over 30 years’ experience as an organisational psychologist. He works with groups, commercial enterprises, associations, industries, communities and government agencies. He holds a Doctorate in Management (researching innovation), an Advanced Masters in Business Administration, a Masters in Organizational Psychology and an Honours Degree in Clinical Psychology. Ian helps clients to develop skills and awareness to remove blockages and raise their levels of creativity and innovation, thereby bringing joy to the workplace

Current role details

Since 2005, I’ve conducted a small consultancy providing service to industries, corporations, NGOs, government agencies, communities and NFPs. Underpinning my service is a unique set of tools, derived from my doctoral studies. Collectively called ‘Cooperative Conversations’, these tools empower effective dialogue, enabling participants to think deeply, listen actively, contribute willingly, ideate creatively, decide wisely and act confidently. Resulting meetings take half the time, while doubling fun, wisdom and commitment. Collectively they bring joy to the workplace. These skills are scalable, replicable, easily learned and applied, Culture is hence changed one conversation at a time