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"Culture is the shadow of the leader" - live your values, don't just believe in them!

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A 'critical friend' and 'trusted advisor' to organisations serious about major change and business transformation.


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Tuesday February 25, 2020


I have extensive experience of operating at c-suite level within the FTSE100 and in a non-executive capacity on several private and not-for-profit boards. My key experience is in the areas of strategic planning, transformational change and corporate governance. In recent times, I led an award-winning transformation programme – one of the largest and most complex investments of its kind in UK industry, impacting on over 140,000 people across Royal Mail.

I also operated as Chief of Staff between 2014 and 2018 – acting as confidant, critical-friend and trusted advisor to Royal Mail’s UK CEO.

In Jan’20, I established Devereaux Kelly Associates – powered by The Gc Index and providing advisory and support services to organisations serious about delivering successful change.

I also acts in an advisory capacity to Employability UK, CASS Business School and The Romero Academy in Coventry. My NED experience includes chairman at National Design Consultancy 2000 Ltd.

Current role details

After a successful career operating at c-suite level within the FTSE100, I decided to set up my own company – Devereaux Kelly Associates, established in January 2020.

As Managing Director, I have created a team of like-minded project professionals, passionate about helping organisations deliver successful major change and business transformation. Powered by The GC Index, we help organisations understand their energy for impact in the key areas of strategic planning and transformational change..

At DKA we have created a team, with over 100 years of combined multi-sector experience, providing a unique differentiator of having ‘walked in the shoes’ of our clients.

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Providing industry experience and insights to a start-up company operating in the postal logistics space
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Supported the business in its early stages of formation and proof of concept, ahead of a major funding bid. I have since supported a major funding effort and taken the products to MVP stage.

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Powered by The GC Index®, we empower organisations to drive productivity and achieve transformational results by creating game-changing teams and cultures.

Ian's Insight Notes

The GC Index® - Changing the Game! (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

How do you measure energy for impact at individual, team or organisation level?


Organisations are normally pretty good at measuring experience, expertise and personality. However, when it comes to measuring the level of impact an individual might have in a role, this often proves very difficult.

This is where The GC Index ® provides a game changing experience through measuring energy for impact across five proclivities – areas where we as individuals are naturally energised and engaged.

These five proclivities* suggest individual differences in the following ways:

Strategists: Bring energy to making sense of patterns and trends in events and data; looking for causal

Game Changers: Bring energy to new ideas and possibilities; to creative thought

Play Makers: Bring energy to seeking consensus in groups that leads to shared endeavour

Implementers: Bring energy to delivering tangible outcomes

Polishers: Bring energy to improving processes, products, solutions


I have recently become an accredited GCologist with The GC Index® and my company is now an accredited partner  >>> The GC Index – summary slide

This is amazing tool that measures the energy for impact across the business cycle. It is now in use in over 2,000 organisations across 50-plus countries. It is unlike anything I have ever used before, and opens up so many possibilities to add value to clients – from recruitment to organisational development, from transformation to M&As, and from diversity & inclusion to welfare.

The GC Index ® enables organisations to create a language and framework that aligns the impact and contribution of all their people to business processes and outcomes.

If you are interested in discovering more, please get in touch via my hivemind profile or drop me an email 


The GC Index® is an Organimetric (organisation metric). It measures the real and potential impact
that everyone can make to a role, team and/or organisation.

The GC Index® augments and complements existing HR and Talent data. This enables organisations to
drive better people decisions based upon the impact and contribution their people can actually make.

It enables organisations to:

  • Gain unique insight on people impact
  • Improve business outcomes
  • Create a common language across
    the business
  • Increase individual performance
  • Increase team performance
  • Make more informed and accurate
    people decisions

The GC Index® Organimetric provides a common language and framework that identifies five key ways (we call them proclivities) in which people can make an impact to a role, team and/or organisation.

It is a language and framework that delivers a foundation of impactful collaboration throughout an entire organisation across all levels. Truly driving an inclusive workforce and culture.

The GC Index – summary slide

The GC Index® provides an inclusive framework that shows how everyone’s contribution and impact is valued.

This results in game-changing teams, cultures and powerful productivity enhancements.


The GC Index® is delivering positive impact across multiple sectors across the globe:

  • Helping individuals identify how they make their game-changing impact
  • Giving leaders the tools to remove unconscious bias and create teams
    based on diversity of impact that will drive success
  • Reducing the risk of failed hires for organisations
  • Giving organisations the tools to drive measurable business outcomes

This tool is a major enabler to the following business processes >>>GC Index Business Areas Supported


The GC Index®. Authors: Dr John Mervyn-Smith, Nathan Ott and Professor
Adrian Furnham with guidance from Nigel Evans

The GC Index® grew out of a practical need by corporations to identify ‘Game Changers’. Those individuals who had the capability to transform corporate/business functioning to some degree; to initiate and drive
transformational change.

This need was the subject of many conversations between senior corporate executives and consultants from the business insight and talent firm eg.1. These conversations led to a series of research projects described below and, with them, the development of The GC Index®, an instrument that was, initially, developed to identify ‘Game Changers’.

The complete framework now describes 5 proclivities- not independent- for making an impact and contribution in the world of work. The GC Index then, measures proclivities not competence.



Final Thoughts

To discover more about how The GC Index® is changing the world, then get in touch via my HiveMind link or drop me an email

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