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Passion for data-driven early decision making for winning bids and deliver profitable projects


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Ascot, United Kingdom


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Tuesday January 08, 2019

About Enrique

I am passionate about data-driven decision making to win bids and deliver profitable projects.

My project and programme management expertise focuses on the complete project lifecycle. I bring over 14 years experience in both bid and project management with the global leader in the sector where I combined roles at headquarters leading change with those in bids and projects working close to demanding customers in Europe and Asia. This experience built my belief that success is measured in our capacity to lead and develop people and teams, ensuring continuous growth in an ever changing environment. I am an energetic and analytical integrator who focuses on fostering connections between key decision makers and guiding relational synergies to get the best for your business.

Current Role Details

My current focus is on global business development, including tendering and project delivery for international companies. I cultivate business opportunities throughout Latin America with the support of my network in Argentina, Colombia, Mexico and Panama. Current clients have products in rail safety, telecommunications and oil and gas.

Enrique's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


Project director needed 2 months to know actual cost of resources working in an international project due to fragmentation of systems for time control and reporting. Senior management prepare budgets by isolated departments resulted in under- or over-allocated resources.

Provide data-driven decision making

Implement enterprise-wide system for resource, project, and portfolio planning and time reporting (Primavera P6), First, migrated 1,000 existing projects in more than 12 different ERP systems and 1,300 resources to do their time sheets in Primavera Enterprise P6. Second, planning was developed and future projects (bids) were included.

Project director was able to control real-time who work and was charging time to the project. Senior management used integrated forecast data to prepare budgets for the first time.


Roles & Results

DEUTSCHE BANK - Senior Application Migration Manager

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Delivery and Achievements
HP/DB Nucleus Transformation Programme assisting with the migration of applications from legacy infrastructure to the target Nucleus platforms, resulting in a reduction of Core volumes. Migration activities delivered across CIOs, ISTS, Nucleus Programme and HP. This included the following activities:  Project management  Application Migrations  Data Centre Exits  Transformations  Consolidations

BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION - Head of Project Management & Bid Processes and Network, Group Project Management

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Delivery and Achievements
Key Achievements:  Reduced bid cost by 80% through processes standardization out of platform management methodology  Increased by 20% awarded contracts (hit rate) by better selection based on earlier decision making elements  Reduced by 70% project mobilization time and cost as project launching activities are done earlier during the bid phase  Expected up to 40% reduction in early project deterioration achieved through project management participation and mitigation actions implementation prior to contract award

TRANSPORT FOR LONDON / LONDON UNDERGROUND - Project Manager and Margin Enhancement Program Lead

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Delivery and Achievements
Key Achievements:  Led subcontractor that delivered 30% of the scope of subproject (Communications systems)  Managed requirements from different stakeholders with conflicting interests and delivered documentation for the design and deployment of the main control centre room (consisting of 27 workstations controlling over 40% of London Underground), a large video wall, an incident management room, two training facilities (including simulators) and a Back Up control centre  Produced interface management documents to integrate over 20 external communication systems (Radio, Telephony and CCTV) to provide a single interface for the customer  Achieved acceptance of Human Machine Interfaces (HMIs) by the operators through prototyping and evaluation workshops  Managed risk based analysis methodology for both asset-driven and architecture-driven cyber security

SINGAPORE LTA - Bid Director

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Delivery and Achievements
Key Achievements:  Delivered the tender including detailed planning of the project execution  Developed subcontractors for installation in new country (Singapore) including contract negotiations  Optimized cost based on benchmarks and parametric cost targets per function  Developed and delivered financial modelling and price schedules including multiple options  Managed proposal preparation using customer themes  Ensured technical documentation was developed addressing customer themes

BOMBARDIER TRANSPORTATION - Operations Development Director

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Delivery and Achievements
Key Achievements:  Implemented Primavera Enterprise (P6) across the division to gain control over a portfolio of 1,000 projects and 1,300 resources, both in product development and customer delivery  Implemented global systems (Product Data Management, PDM and SAP) to support global engineering, procurement, and finance processes. This lead to the following tangible benefits: o lower product maintenance cost due to better Obsolescence Management o no system rework due to use of non-released products o savings of extra engineering hours due to unnecessary review of product documentation of new releases  Deployed a Business Management System with indicators that enable direct access to data source for proper root cause analysis integrated in a Six Sigma improvement program


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