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Duncan Nisbet

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My test coaching helps optimise the development pipeline for testability, facilitates continuous testing & ultimately accelerates & smooths the delivery of value to customers.


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Monday July 27, 2015


I have helped solve testing problems across multiple domains including IPTV, web & mobile and defence.

My involvement ranges from performing the testing itself to defining test strategies & identifying flaws in the development process as a whole that impact testing.

I now help increase awareness of testing & testability across development teams to demonstrate how each team member can contribute to delivering high quality software.

I provide bespoke software testing training & coaching through my company Testagility, which helps development teams deliver quality software that actually solves the problem.
I use Agile & Lean principles from a testing perspective to help development teams improve communication in order to achieve closer collaboration, faster feedback & ultimately increased quality.
I predominantly find myself helping development teams improve their Agile testing. This includes testing training as well the soft people skills to help teams grow together.

Current role details

Resuming my Agile Test Coach role.

Currently following a few leads but nothing concrete yet.

Let me know if I can help you.