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Wednesday December 04, 2019


I am a Transformation Delivery Leader with experience in service and portfolio / programme delivery roles within PS and FS orgs.

My primary focus has been in application service delivery, in large migration programmes in support of strategic divestments, and in digital transformations.

In particular, I specialise in banking as a Service and ERP finance transformation in an Agile / Kanban delivery.

Dimitar's STAR Stories

Banking as a Service - new delivery horizons (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

The regional leadership team of a blue chip PS company set aggressive growth plans as part of its annual financial planning (AFP) cycle. These targets were cascaded to the Financial Services vertical, imminently resulting in the need for a review of the go to market strategy to uplift sales. A new global omni-channel banking proposition had just been launched by the company. Regional leadership approved a new programme to capitalise on the global solution to explore a new market segment through a utility banking service.


In order to address the gap in projected in-year growth against the AFP target, our HiveMind Expert Practitioner was tasked to develop a vision for a new Banking as a Service (BaaS) proposition. He was to capitalise on the new global omni-channel solution, create a business case for setting up the BaaS utility, and take it through interval funding approvals. Subsequently he would launch and deliver a programme to build the solution, prepare marketing materials, recruit and train service personnel.


In collaboration with the regional sales team, defined the total addressable market, and set the target market. Negotiated partner services and built and calibrated financial models to underpin the new sales presentations and marketing material. Created strategy and business case and took it through multiple senior regional and global stockholder approvals, supporting better decision making using the return on investment models.

The appropriate sourcing strategy secured partner services to provide the right capabilities and capacity to deliver the projected target growth and regional strategy. Following internal investment budget approval, launched a programme to build the core capability for the BaaS utility in collaboration with selected partners and internal delivery staff.


The regional sales team now had a new set of services and a target market to go after, underpinned by financial models with a set of standard banking services and flexibility to expand through microservices. The new service supported the overachievement in regional sales target by 120% and margin by 130%, while meeting the revenue target. Furthermore, Net Promoter Score was significantly increased year-on-year to a value of 47 and the annual target also exceeded by 130%.

Faster turnaround in the utilisation of pre-existing core services and more effective migration delivery was achieved by creating standard onboarding services. Coupled with template cloud capabilities these almost halved the time to go live for prospective utility clients. 

Cloud ERP digital transformation for a major UK Bank (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

A major established UK Bank initiated a portfolio of programmes to simplify and standardise their internal and external financial control and reporting solution and the associated business process. Following multiple mergers and acquisitions and also some divestments, the Bank ended up with a myriad of people, processes and technology across its numerous Legal Entities and global network. The 5+ year transformation programme was set up with a vision of achieving straight-through processing from source to target, and a significant reduction to the time for financial ledger close through a reduction in manual input and associated errors. The ultimate goal was to publish external financial results to market and regulators ahead of competition. The latter allows access to more cost-effective credit from the global marketplace.


Our HiveMind expert practitioner joined the transformation portfolio 3 years after portfolio initiation, with most of the programmes running over budget or struggling to deliver on time. Furthermore, the original business case had been diluted by a change in senior stakeholders, and also by an update to both the IT and the Finance strategy.

Significant changes to the approach, e.g. an agreement to adopt a cloud-based SaaS solution from the chosen service partner, had not been properly reflected in the plans and into the allocated budget. Inter-dependencies between the programmes within the overall Finance change portfolio and dependencies on other major Bank initiatives were not being effectively monitored and addressed.


Two major replans and a full transition to a hybrid Agile / Waterfall delivery approach were necessary to get the portfolio back on track. New governance and assurance models were introduced. As part of both initiatives, and through full and continuous engagement of the IT delivery teams with Finance stakeholders, the new plans were focused on delivery of early business value rather than just the implementation of new functionality. A product roadmap was developed for each portfolio product, underpinned by a Kanban board to visualise progress and delivery blockers. New regular programme retrospectives were planned in support of the continuous improvement of the agile delivery.

The business benefits of implementing the portfolio were made clearly visible to all stakeholders, and the cost and effort to deliver such was now made transparent at all times. As a result of the quality of oversight, governance, control and performance the confidence from Finance stakeholders in successful portfolio delivery increased significantly.


Following the introduction of new ways of working, the senior responsible officer and key finance stakeholders took full control of the portfolio objectives. All portfolio activities were clearly understood and subject to regular business stakeholder reprioritisation. Traceability of business outcomes to user stories and delivery tasks was now present.

The result – increased credibility with and confidence from across the Finance business teams in the success of the portfolio in tangible bite-size business value delivery at regular intervals. Greater acceptance of change to address business restructure or reprioritisation – quicker to implement new changes through the improved financial control and predictability in delivery.

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This service focuses on accelerating success for Delivery Focused Leaders

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The Digital Delivery Accelerator is a data-driven approach for diagnosing and capitalising upon systemic and tactical opportunities to improve delivery capabilities; enabling you to more effectively align investment in time and effort to directly improve performance and drive increased value from technology for the business and key stakeholders groups. We utilise a collaborative, structured approach with rapid reflection and challenge across six perspectives of high-performance digital delivery.

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A data-driven approach for diagnosing and capitalising upon systemic and tactical opportunities to uncover and nurture innovation across the enterprise.