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Professional change delivery and programme manager for business and technology programmes.


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Biggin Hill, Kent. Circa 1 hour from the centre of London., United Kingdom



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Monday December 17, 2018

About David

I have been involved in project management for as long as I can remember, but professionally since 1989 when I attended my first training course 'Project Planning & Control' at Hoskyns, using PMW! Started out on mostly technical projects and over the years have managed larger projects, multiple projects, then programmes and portfolios. I've switched between technical and business change many times and previously have referred to myself as a hybrid change manager, able to communicate equally well with business and technology stakeholders. My two main drivers now are bringing order out of chaos and building highly effective and high performing teams. For me, whilst the business outcomes are important [bringing order out of chaos], it's the people that make them happen [high performing teams]. Understanding 'why' the work is being done is also important, and is a fundamental part of building and developing high performing teams.

Current Role Details

I am currently working an assignment at Co-op Bank in Manchester, as a Programme Manager in their Payments portfolio, specifically looking to introduce and embed a programme structure to manage Visa Scheme mandated changes.

The role is required to cover both business and technology change, and with the organisational challenges that the Co-op Group has had over the past 3 or 4 years, there has been minimal focus on delivering these projects and therefore Co-op Bank have fallen behind the curve wrt meeting Visa Scheme mandated changes.

Lots to do and I'm working with some good people who want this to be a successful change for the Bank.

Roles & Results

VISA EUROPE - Programme Manager / Change Lead

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Delivery and Achievements
Assigned to initiate, build and manage a change programme to fully replace an ageing Corporate IT infrastructure and business services with an up-to-date, dual-sited platform and updated / new business services. Programme was completed in under 2 years and improved the end user experience within Visa significantly, with the Corporate IT team winning the 'Team of the Year Award'!

HSBC GB&M - Programme Manager

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Delivery and Achievements
Initially assigned for a 6 month programme recovery, was asked to stay to manage the programme through design, build and deployment. The task was to deploy a new Capital Adequacy Reporting platform to meet the requirements of Basel 3 and Common Reporting. Included new infrastructure and 3rd party application deployment and customisation, to consume financial data from multiple sources globally, transform the data into the required input format, and then process it through the 3rd party engine to generate the Risk Weighted Assets values and produce the required regulatory reporting. Successfully delivered on-time and on budget.


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Delivery and Achievements
Employed to manage a business change team that was responsible for delivering changes across a range of transaction banking business teams. These business included Global Travel Money Services, Corporate Cards and Global Merchant Services, which became WorldPay.

RBS / NWB INTEGRATION - Programme Manager

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Delivery and Achievements
Assigned to act as the primary change interface between the Retail Banking Business Integration team and the Technology Integration Teams, specifically around Telephone Banking, ATMs and the Retail Branch Network. Extensive engagement with Retail Banking Marketing and Customer Communications teams, ensuring that the impact of the technology changes was understood by the bank, clearly communicated to impacted customers and in a timely manner.

NESTLE - Project Champion

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Delivery and Achievements
Employed to design, develop and deliver a series of 'best practice' procedures for the professional delivery of projects across Nestle UK. Also designed, developed and delivered a series of MS Project training courses, as well as a Project Management for Non-Project Managers course. Even managed to fit n a couple of application development projects for Product Development and Marketing!

NATWEST BANK - Project Manager

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Delivery and Achievements
Employed in a variety of roles from Technical Support for the IT Training department, Personal Assistant to the IT General Managers Office and Senior Technical Project Manager for [at the time] the largest deployment of Windows NT in Europe, part of the Retail Banking Platform transformation programme that touched every NWB branch in the UK.



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