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IT & Digital Leader
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Initiative definition and delivery along with IT leadership at Director/CIO level
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United Kingdom
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Member since: 19-11-2018
My Background Details
I've worked in IT services for 25 years and in that time have founded and led two successful organisations, the last of which I exited in 2017.
My client facing roles include initial scoping through to overseeing final delivery and everything inbetween. I'm always open for a discussion and am useful in the early stages of client engagement to help them define what they need.
In addition, I have worked in CTO|CIO and IT Director roles in the UK and USA and am great at leading and empowering a team of talented IT and business professionals.
Current Role Details
I currently work as a Fractional IT leader (CIO | IT Director) for a number of organisations across the South and East.

David Jaggard

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