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Experienced Enterprise Architect / Data Architect focusing on Digital Media and Online Retail.


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Leeds, United Kingdom



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Wednesday January 02, 2019

About Dave

I have some 30+ years experience working in IT for Consulting organisations and large corporations. This has given me the opportunity to work across a broad spectrum of industries.

I've spent the past few exciting years focused on Information Management ( BI and Analytics Architecture, DMP Product Management, Governance, GDPR, etc.) within Digital Media and Online Retail.

Prior to that I spent 10 years in the Telecoms industry working in the IT Architecture space for O2 and Vodafone. Even further back in time I worked as a Managing Consultant for Computer Sciences.

In my spare time I'm a keen footie fan (you'll need to make contact to discover my allegiance) and a guitar playing Dad (much to the embarrassment of my kids).

Recent spare time antics also include Edge Computing (ie. dusting off my Raspberry Pi and having some fun getting back into coding) as well as delving into the worlds of Exponential Organisations (ExO) and the CivX Economy.

Current Role Details

Enterprise Architect / IT Strategy

Roles & Results

TENTHAVENUE - Data Platform Product Manager

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Delivery and Achievements
Managed the delivery of an ad-funded Club/Community platform using WordPress running in AWS with Consultix ProCampaign as the backend CRM system running in a secure data centre and Google DfP as the AdServer. Delivered and managed the tenthavenue Global Data Platform using AWS Redshift, Periscope, AWS EMR (Hadoop/Spark), Kafka and Airflow.

TENTHAVENUE - Data Architecture Consultant

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Delivery and Achievements
Developed and executed a risk and maturity assessment of the data processing capability of 24 different operating companies across a global media network. Developed a ‘Data Readiness Toolkit’ comprising: Enterprise Data Model, Data Principles, Data Privacy Compliance Scorecard, Roles and Responsibilities Matrix, Applications and Products/Services catalogues, Target Operating Model.

SHOP DIRECT GROUP - Enterprise Data Architect

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Delivery and Achievements
Developed a Business Capability model and 5 year roadmap for the Business Intelligence, Analytics and Data Management domains. Developed the target Reference Architecture and Technical Currency Model in support of IT Strategy and Budget preparations.

WEVE LTD - Head of Information Management

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Delivery and Achievements
Defined and oversaw the implementation of 400+ user stories that described the requirements and acceptance criteria for my client's strategic Data Management Platform (DMP) and display advertising products. Developed the Applications, Integration and Data Architecture models to support development, business launch and operations of Mobile Media (messaging and display), Loyalty and Wallet propositions.

UEFA - ICT Architecture Consultant

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Delivery and Achievements
Delivered a strategic review of the Football Adminstration Management Environment (FAME) that provided a complete cost/risk/benefit analysis along with a SWOT analysis of strategic options and a recommended roadmap for improvement.

TELEFONICA UK - Enterprise Architect

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Delivery and Achievements
Delivered the architectural analysis for Telefonica UK's IT transformation which provided a 3 year forecast of Run/Grow/Transform profiles for the entire O2 UK capex/opex budgets. Delivered the end-to-end solution design for the UK launch of the iPhone within a 3.5 month timescale.



Dave MacFadyen

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