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Tuesday October 01, 2019

About Brian

I am an IT delivery professional with over 20 years experience delivering into varying industries, organisations and countries.

I have recently relocated to the UK from Melbourne, via Singapore.

I have a passion about delivery as a profession and the many facets that go into being a delivery professional. I also believe the investment in good people, process and tools is returned many times over and is a key component of any business case.

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Roles & Results

LAGUNA GOLD LTD (AUSTRALIA/CHILE) - Executive General Manager IT

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Requirements / Actions
Divest systems, environments, processes from Nyrstar International after Purchase of El Toqui mining operations. Develop and implement strategy for multi-site, hybrid Cloud/on-premise IT environment.
Delivery and Achievements
Successfully divested corporate and mining systems. Implemented IT strategy. Transformed IT systems to incorporate digital systems / processes.

TELSTRA AUSTRALIA - Program Manager License Rationalisation Program

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Requirements / Actions
Rationalisation and Consolidation of software to manage and reduce costs related to licensing, targeted benefit approx £230M
Delivery and Achievements
Developed prioritised plan, realised £25M of benefit at time of leaving. Plan continued to be implemented achieving stage targets for cost savings.

TELSTRA AUSTRALIA - Digital Enablement Lead - NBN+ Program

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Requirements / Actions
Manage all delivery / Program elements of the £120M NBN+ program of work. Including: - Finance - Governance - Resourcing - Logistics - Delivery Model
Delivery and Achievements
Implemented a sustainable delivery model including Program and Technical governance. Expanded the program to meet commitments (ramped up from 250 to 380 people in three months)

TELSTRA AUSTRALIA - IT Lead - Telstra Air Program

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Requirements / Actions
Delivery of all IT elements of industry defining Telstra Air program of works. Negotiated program scope, budget (£25M), schedule for multi-phased program of work.
Delivery and Achievements
Phases 1, 2 and 3 delivered on time and budget. Delivered additional functionality in Phases 2 and 3 over agreed scope. Telstra Air has won multiple internationally recognised awards.

TELSTRA AUSTRALIA - Program Manager - Major Projects

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Requirements / Actions
Managed a portfolio of Digital projects valued at £40M annually.
Delivery and Achievements
85% of projects delivered on time 75% of projects on or below budget 87% of projects delivered within 10% of budgets Transitioned to an Agile way of working.


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Requirements / Actions
Managed all elements of the £400M core banking replacement "ACE" Program
Delivery and Achievements
Redefined business case and achieved approval for £55M funding tranche from ANZ Board. Redefined country specific elements of the delivery program. Managed and reduced program overheads by 20%


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Requirements / Actions
Implement and Manage Police, Fire and Ambulance focused Emergency Data Network. Renegotiate three service contracts (total value £270M)
Delivery and Achievements
Data Network commissioned on schedule, on budget. New functionality defined and implemented as change requests (£11M). Data Network Service contract signed as per schedule.



Brian Reynolds

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