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Be it designing or delivering, do more than what's expected and make someone smile

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I create value for organisations and individuals.


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Wednesday June 26, 2019

About Austin

A highly experienced Senior Business Consultant with a proven track record of delivering large, complex business transformation programmes within Financial Service Institutions including, HSBC, First Direct, Virgin Money and Lloyds Banking Group. Successfully delivered projects through excellent leadership, team building and stakeholder management capabilities underpinned by extensive knowledge of technology, operational risk, architecture and platforms. Excels at setting out, understanding and articulating clients’ strategic and tactical requirements, including regulatory obligations, across value streams, capabilities, information and processes. Comfortable operating across all levels of the organisation. Able to influence strategic business decisions and build trust and lasting relationships, both internally and externally, to achieve outstanding results.
A personable strong performer who uses energy, pace, and confidence to enable others to realise and achieve their potential.

Current Role Details

Two focuses at the moment:

Business Design Lead@first direct, where I'm evolving and embedding business design thinking, customer centric design, the use of data, insights and commercialisation of data, business architecture and governance to enable the delivery of the bank's strategic business outcomes.

Co-Founder and COO@Swush Ltd, the home of POWPOW app.
Start up, Design and Analysis Consultancy and potential high growth technology firm whose app POWPOW allows users to connect, create, share and consume everything that makes them who they are.
POWPOW - be an even more awesome version of you.

Austin's Valuable Contributions

(Case Studies)


3.3 Million Life, Pensions and Investments customers had to be divested from a high street banking group. This was due to a European Commission ruling that the British government's 2009 purchase of a 43.4% stake in the group counted as state aid.
These customers were to receive no detriment in service, be a smooth seamless transition and the solution was not to increase FTE and cause unnecessary complexities.

Create a customer centric design to maintain the service the customers had enjoyed whilst being a customer of the donor bank, without disenfranchising them.

Understood the customer segmentations and applicable servicing volumes. Applied a number of hypotheses to the capability model.
Created persona, customer journey and business model canvasses.
Applying my excellent stakeholder management skills and my ability to describe complicated matters in a simple, understandable way, multiple business units and and department Heads of quickly gained an increased confidence in the strategy and the delivery.
My personable style created relaxed yet productive environments where Senior Managers soon understood the complexities of the organisation and the needs of the customer. This enabled us to exceed our goals and expectations.

Having an understandable, cohesive business architecture enabled the creation of clear, explicit requirements that were delivered on time, within budget resulting in satisfied and not disenfranchised customers.
Value was delivered by:
- Turning the strategy into deliverable projects and / or programs. This was achieved by having a clear understanding of the customer needs at all levels - Senior Managers to testers - and then breaking down the work into manageable/deliverable and testable pieces. This can only be achieved when the customer strategy and the business architecture is understood
- My creation of a programme design authority where the design of the business was understood, documented and protected
- Utilising cross-business collaboration, service delivery, asset utilisation enabled the business to be ready to receive the changes
- Communicating business capabilities, maturity and the value of architecture aided the strategic thinking of Senior Managers
Pains relieved included;
- Having clear customer journeys the lack of understanding of what was needed to protect the customer was reduced
- Exposure to the bottom line of the business was minimised by delivering a solution that was customer focused
- Being the herald of the programme and engaging other Business and Enterprise Architects and Heads of ensured alignment with other delivery programmes reducing delivery impacts


Services Austin Delivers

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Service Summary: This service focuses on accelerating success for leaders responsible for Business Architecture

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