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I am Prospect’s Managing and Service Experience Director with two decades of international (and award winning) experience.
I co-founded Prospect in 2006 and have been focused on solving hard business challenges and delivering bottom line impact for global companies and start-ups, launching new digital services and optimizing existing experiences with measurable impacts.


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Friday April 21, 2017

About Anja

I champion a people centred experience and service design process to deliver great customer experiences that provide tangible value, resulting in happier customers, engaged employees and business growth. I mix vision with my German pragmatism to deliver feasible and desirable solutions.
Prior to Prospect, I ran my own studio for five years, working with clients that included the Design Council, The Royal Society of Arts, Opodo and the Department for Education and Skills.
In my career, I have held senior positions with MetaDesign London, Icon Brandlab, FutureBrand Digital, Oyster Partners and design and advertising agencies in Holland and Norway. I was responsible for leading multi-disciplinary teams on projects for No 10 Downing Street, Victoria & Albert Museum, British Airways, The BBC, Unilever, OAG, One2One, Sky, Telefonica Moviles, Bridgeman Art Library, Dutch Telecom and MTV Europe and have won numerous industry awards for my work.
I have been responsible for the overall creative vision and processes, new business development and developed successful client relationships with Silverjet, bmi, Nokia Siemens Network, Nokia, Eurostar, Tesco, Dimension Data and Capita, amongst others.

Current Role Details

Successful businesses are built on great customer experiences – here at Prospect we focus on designing those experiences.
Collaboratively with our clients we generate business value, through design. We look at the whole service to unearth market, people and technology insights to create digital customer experiences that drive growth, faster. I have been responsible for the overall creative vision and processes, new business development and developed successful client relationships with Silverjet, bmi, Nokia Siemens Network, Nokia, Eurostar, Tesco and Dimension Data, amongst others. For Nokia Siemens Networks, I led the team that developed a major global brand online, delivering company unity, clear market differentiation and high stakeholder engagement. For BMI, we helped to increase booking conversions by 20%. The business class online airline launch of Silverjet exceeded booking targets by 17%.

My responsibilities include:
Managing Director
New business development
Leading complete project life cycle processes
HR, mentoring & staff development
Developing clear strategic vision for hard business challenges and facilitating the creative outcome through collaborative, multi-disciplinary team work
Developing creative and strategic processes to evolve our offer through changing times

Anja's Case Studies


Internet Solutions required a smart client management portal that would enable customers to self-manage their IT infrastructure (Cloud, Connectivity and Security solutions) and assess the health of their IT business. The organisation was managing their customer relationships via the diverse suite of services that caused a disconnected, siloed experience and resulted in low client engagement and unsatisfactory customer experience, impacting ROI, operational costs, trust and customer loyalty.

The mission was to use the power of data to surface actionable insights into the health and performance of the customers’ technology services, provide consistent and relevant data visualisation, simplify daily tasks, reduce user queries, increase customer engagement and expand market reach through valuable, self-serve service experience.

Facilitated by the design thinking approach, we:

  • Conducted user testing and user interviews to create evidence-based experience assessment and personas

  • Identified, agreed and prioritised new ideas and opportunities to generate business value

  • Established the customer and business stakeholder demographics, goals and existing barriers

  • Created detailed user journeys, information architecture, wireframe concepts, functional prototypes, and a new user interface.

  • Demonstrated, socialised and communicated concepts, prototypes, outcomes and business cases to generate buy-in

  • Created validation and endorsement of decisions through evidence-based user-centered approach

  • Enhanced cross-business collaboration, communication and buy-in through the agile process, prototyping and customer validation

  • Improved internal satisfaction, loyalty and customer value by creating a user-centric platform serving both employees and customers

Clients are able to manage their suite of technology services effectively through data-driven, actionable insights. It inspired a review of the client engagement model and transformed an IT-centric into a customer-centric service provider, allowing clients to anticipate the business of tomorrow.

Value delivered included:

  • Clients using TISH increased to 89% (up from 3%): increase in advocacy / lifetime value

  • Self-serve 84% (up from 8.8%): Operational efficiencies, ability to focus on more value-added customer service

  • Enabling competitive differentiation and increasing market share

  • Enabling positive behavioural change by internalizing a customer-centric culture

Pains relieved included;

  • Lack of ROI on existing platforms

  • Operational inefficiency, including call-centre reliance and raised incidents

  • Lack of business agility to respond to customers' rapidly changing expectations

  • Lack of differentiation in the market and customer insight to drive transformational change


To gain market share, Dimension Data (now NTT) needed to radically differentiate itself from global competitors by transforming itself into a customer-centric service provider. A new customer management platform was required to completely reimagine its core support services to gain and retain clients and to streamline underlying operations and processes.

Dimension Data was servicing their customer needs through 8 disparate systems, which created a challenging environment to effectively assess and manage the health of the client’s end-to-end IT business. To support the strategic objective to transform itself from a technology-centric to a client-centric service provider, a unified and seamless portal needed to deliver support and premium services in the data centre and be flexible enough to expand into premium, managed, and enterprise service offerings.

As a traditional IT-centric company, this was Dimension Data’s first attempt to follow a best practice User Experience design methodology and apply a more agile approach.

  • Innovation process enabled to rapidly identify, agree and prioritise new ideas and opportunities to generate business value

  • User research and validation supported the effective demonstration of concepts, decisions, outcomes and business cases

  • Enhanced global cross-business silo collaboration, communication and buy-in

  • Improved internal satisfaction, loyalty and customer value through co-creation process

  • MVP & long term feasible roadmap to phase change

The success of the portal has generated a cultural shift within Dimension Data. It resulted in customer-centric business transformation, a global digital design system and a complete evolution of product development processes.

Value was delivered by;
• 307% growth in data centre service clients: competitive differentiation and increased market share
• 515% growth in data center services revenue: effective delivery against financial targets
• 579% increase in client online engagement, advocacy, and lifetime value
• 3 months vs 9 to market: Improved business agility / ability to rapidly respond to change
• Fostering a human-centric and agile culture: adoption of Design Thinking processes
• Repositioned value proposition from technology expert to business partner
• Increased user adoption and a dramatic drop in user queries / incidents
• DBA Award for Design Effectiveness

Pains relieved included;
• Disconnected customer experience across 8 systems
• Lack of ROI on existing investment
• Inefficient or misaligned operating model to support customer-centric vision
• A disconnect between culture and future vision based on historic product development processes
• Lack of customer insight to drive transformational change


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