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Angela Prentner-Smith

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I'm a researcher, strategist, business analyst, content and experience designer and trainer working in anything Digital. Leading This is Milk to do great things.


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Glasgow, United Kingdom




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Tuesday July 10, 2018


I come from a background of large scale digital transformation programmes in the public sector and financial services. I work as a stretegist, project manager, CX designer, user researcher, business analyst, trainer and content designer.

I’ve worked end to end right from research and scope through to implementation.
My passion is now working with business to embed user and employee centred change through education and consultancy.

I love user research, creating project approaches, customer experience and facilitation.

I founded This is Milk to make business better, simply and to bring more people centred practices to projects. In that time, I’ve been nominated for 8 business awards.

Most recently these are the BIMA award for Transformation and Consultancy Innovation, and Scottish Women’s Award for Digital Business of the year – both to be awarded September this year.

I’ve worked with digital agencies, start ups, SMEs, HealthTech, Public Sector, Energy Innovation and Financial Services.

I spend my time developing and delivering our training, business development and on client site delivery of projects. My on site work lately has been in the digital strategy, project approach design, user research, user testing, brand strategy, service design, Information Architecture and business analysis spaces.

However our work on the Digital Transformation Programme has brought me into the world of internal capability building, organisational design, and coaching around future skills.

Current role details

I currently run This is Milk, where I do everything from brand, customer experience strategy, to user research, project management and business analysis to training on our Digital Transformation Programme.

Angela's STAR Stories

Digital Transformation Programme - Research, Design, Development, Launch and Mobilisation (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

There was/is a recognised skills issue in change roles, such as business analysts, product managers, change managers, product managers and their ilk – resulting in difficulty hiring, managing and paying for skilled ‘digital’ people.

As a business owner, I was unable to meet my client’s needs as I was just one person and I was unable to bring on people with the right skills and attitude to deliver for my clients. Training on a one to one basis was too risky and time consuming.


The task we set ourselves, in order to deliver for our clients was to investigate and effectively design a solution based on human needs, current industry requirements and future trends to ensure the relevant skills were able to be tapped into. At this stage we didn’t know what the solution was, just the problem.


Set out a series of problem statements and assumptions

Held informal discussions with key businesses to validate our assumptions

Researched the existing landscape of courses and providers

Researched the marketplace and the growth patterns of digital in Scotland

Secured funding to support us through the pilot phase

Ran 3 surveys with the industry to test our assumptions and gather key insights

Designed a strawman course and development pipeline programme

Engaged with potential mentors, trainers, partner and candidates

Ran co-creation workshops with a cross section of industry to capture their experiences and needs, and held follow up meetings and interviews

Designed a solution – since called The Digital Transformation Programme – a 12 month career development programme aiming to upskill and reskill ‘changemakers’

Launched the solution and have since trained 25 people


We have had incredible feedback from attendees of the programme – re-capped here:

This Is Milk digital transformation programme launch

And in this testimonial –

We have traction now in banks, public sector, and SMEs as well as individuals self-funding.

The programme has also been nominated for a BIMA award for Innovation in Transformation and Consultancy, and a Scottish Women’s Award for Digital Business of the Year.