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There's more than one way to skin a cat

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Business transformation especially in large/complex environments, digital change, cyber-security and advanced use of data.


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Newcastle upon Tyne, United Kingdom


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Saturday July 13, 2019

About Andrew

Strong technology background, spent early career in mobile/telecoms in consultancy, at O2 in UK and in a startup. Business transformation and change specialist, spent last 5 years working in central government including head of business transformation at DWP, and deputy director of Government Digital Service. Recently relocated by to my native North East.

Vice Chair of Dynamo North East (community interest company to grow the North East tech economy).

Current Role Details

Undertaking review for chief exec of a financial institution.
Setting up a new central government function.

Roles & Results

CENTRAL GOVERNMENT AGENCY - Business Transformation

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Requirements / Actions
Worked with new chief exec and transformation team to create a compelling vision of the future and refocus the organisation on doing the right work in the right way.
Delivery and Achievements
Worked with senior leadership and around 300 people from around the organisation to create a vision and an accompanying wall-size rich picture to align everyone around the transformation.


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Andrew Besford

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