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A diversely experienced generalist lead Business Analyst who is adaptable, dependable, professional and sharp-minded.


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Thursday October 08, 2020


A Business Analyst & project professional with over 10 years of diverse B2B & B2C consulting experience covering over 100 projects in the Digital, Insurance, Media, Telecommunications, Enterprise VoIP, contact-centre, Data-networking, bespoke and off-the-shelf software space.

I have done-so extensively in the UK and E.M.E.A (and within South & north America) for both SME, large Enterprise and global enterprises.

I consider my skills and abilities to be agnostic to industry, technology and other biases, although I have technical qualifications and multi-sector experience.

Andre's STAR Stories

Deliver multi-team and discipline analysis & requirements in a hostile... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

CTO needed to complete their over-running Datawarehouse programme & deliver related technological projects (system replacement, BI reports etc) to their senior users in order to reduce inefficiencies and innovate past the competition.


Liaise with the senior users and SME (before they left the company in ~1 month!) to elicit and document their requirements and operational processes to inform IT of the ‘need’, as this request had become political and IT were not trusted to deliver what was being asked for.


I took the time to subtly investigate the root of the conflict between business and IT delivery teams, and worked on improving the relationship by being the change I wanted to see.

I quickly understood what they did and who they were as users which gave them some confidence;  I created structure and order so they always knew what was happening and that we were making progress (regular update emails, meetings and ‘show and tells’, playbacks etc).

I helped each side understand the other and carved a mutually agreeable direction for the programme.

I detailed their operational working practices and processes which showed they did more than others had realised and gave more insight, thus respect for their work.

I delivered requirements and UI mocks which gave IT a good idea of what was needed now and in the near future so they could propose a solution that was fit for purposes and not which fitted their biased view of the world.


Delivered the report and requirements on-time so that the SME did not leave with the required knowledge – these outputs meant that IT could research, propose, design and deliver a system the business could use to:

  1. reduce operational time and costs
  2. increase innovation (more time for the SME’s to do higher skilled work instead of working through system inefficiencies)
  3. increase the volume of work performed
Challenged the status-quo and undocumented claims to save 25% budget... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

At a Tier 1 Telecoms company as a solution designer, I was assigned to a project (that had already started) to introduce a new business intelligence and data-warehouse platform for statistical data analysis and reporting, where the solution had already been chosen


• My manager gave me the project as my first assignment at the firm to lessen his workload, so I had to quickly understand the project and its aims.
• The project had approved budget of £200,000
• The aim was to replace the manual collation of data from various sources which would then be pasted into spread sheets and then emailed to the subscribed wholesale customers, with an automated web-based system with a dynamic data warehouse and web-based reporting engine, with secure multi-tenant access.
. The desired COTS solution had already been decided as it was said the company had a corporate license for it, which would have meant zero project costs for the software and maintenance.

  • My first action in understanding the requirements and driving the project forward was to qualify the choice of the specified solution: I knew it was a COTS solution that was relatively complex and expensive (licenses and maintenance) and I wanted to validate the decisions before building a solution around it for due diligence.
  • I was told that the company had a license for business objects by a senior stakeholder. I understood this as a valid reason, but I persisted in seeking validation of the actual license for the project.
  • After checking with the programme and other business units, it transpired that the company did not have a license, which then meant there was no business reason to choose this option as a solution (and the projects budget would have had to at least double)
  • I then set about researching and proposing alternative solutions that met the requirements and budget.
  • As the requirements were simple and all solutions were an option, I championed open-source solutions for their customisability, code ownership and cost efficiency (as we had skills in-house to customise the code)
  • I set-up a demonstration with our supplier whom had configured 3 applications to do the same thing so that we could compare them, along with comparable cost & effort data.
  • The project stake-holders unanimously voted for one of the solutions which was OpenSource which was a first for this large company.
  • The choice of an OpenSource solution meant lower purchase and support costs, which translated to 25% project budget saving, and year-on-year CAPEX savings.
Taking-on unfamiliar work and driving to conclusion: Being resilient, capable,... (Reveal More OR View Full Page)

Whilst hired to work on other work streams for a newly acquired firm I was asked to kick-off and manage an overdue 3-system (Finance, Learning, HR) replacement RFP and selection process from ~28 vendors, and with a tight deadline!


I was asked to take a list of pre-selected vendors, issue an RFP and requirements and arrange demonstrations with them for scoring.

I decided to add a few extra formal steps and some governance to ensure a fair and proper process.

We did not have a tender or PMO office to assist, nor inhouse skills aside from my own.


• Collated the list of requested vendors to include and researched others in the market that should be included.
• Researched templates and approaches to save time (why re-invent the wheel when time is precious?!)
• Built a list of vendors and contacted all in 45 mins to ask if they wanted to be included in the RFP (by phone and by email/webform if they could not be reached).
• Created communications, engagement rules, schedule, timeline etc.
• I then created and ran the RFP, including demonstrations with each business team and scoring.

  • We had invited a seen a representational and balanced list of vendors and had seen many (~13) demonstrations, and had validated and balanced scoring for them all.
  • The company was able to quickly decide upon the chosen vendor, having confidence that they had seen a wide selection of qualified vendors who had sufficiently answered the RFP questions and scenarios set and meet the many deadlines of the new owners.
  • The process was very time and resource efficient

Roles & Results

Maverick Advertising & Design - Contract Lead Business Analyst (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
My second assignment with Maverick: assisting them with a new client to launch a new digital asset broking platform and service
Delivery and Achievements
Completed the Due Diligence and business case analysis requested to ensure Maverick could deliver the package requested.

Miles Smith Insurance - Contract Lead Business Analyst (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
1) Capture the As-Is operational processes, & consult/coach on best practice, 2) lead RFP, 3) MI/BI reporting PoC
Delivery and Achievements
Rapidly delivered an RFP for deadline. Proved data from legacy systems could be connected to modern systems and return true value. Provided insights and recommendations for process improvement.

Maverick Advertising & Design - Contract Lead Business Analyst (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Mavericks global client requested a holistic HR experience & delivery of an HCM platform. Was brought in to assist with the business case & analysis of the client operations and their to-be model
Delivery and Achievements
Challenged entrenched thinking and beliefs and identified client vendor bias and assumptions about potential employee take-up/engagement. Helped provide a realistic view of the market and opportunity

Markel International - Contract Lead Business Analyst (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Lead analysis of Actuarial reserving process & SME requirements for a new reserving analytical system. Knowledge transferred from imminently departing SME.
Delivery and Achievements
Captured the detailed requirements for new system & current process & provided recommendations for improvement. Helped IT & business understand what the Actuaries did, and what they needed.

Accenture/Virgin Media - Contract Lead Business Analyst (Show / Hide Details)

Requirements / Actions
Accenture required additional expertise for one of their major clients, so was retained & sub-contracted to Virgin Media, to assist with their multi-year, multi-Billion pound business change programme
Delivery and Achievements
Provided a broad set of skills, experience and deliverables for: cross-sell/up-sell digital marketing site changes; Big data digital marketing PoC's with Adobe, cablemystreet microsite transformations

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