Call for content – The future of the CIO in a world of AI

  • Opportunity (Paid pitch)
  • Remote
  • Budget up to: £250



As part of our campaigns, as well as developing the HiveMind brand as a trusted expert network with leading experts and knowledge, we are building an outward facing place for articles to live within our own environment. 

This provides us with depth of campaign material, a way of driving traffic to the website, building brand awareness, and showcasing the experts’ knowledge within the HiveMind Consulting brand. 

We are now sourcing content for these campaigns. The consulting team will provide the subjects with outlines of what the article may explore to give guidance to the writer and team involved. 


Submissions for thought leadership on Innovation led growth are invited on, but not limited to, the following topics: 

  1. The Evolving Role of the CIO in the Age of AI


Explore how the responsibilities of CIOs are transforming with the integration of AI into business operations (CIOs are the new superheroes – critical to success) 


  1. From Reactive to Proactive: How AI is Shifting the CIO’s Approach To Innovating at Pace


Discuss how AI is demanding a more proactive approach to the pace of innovation, benefitting CIOs to anticipate and address issues before they arise, but crucially keep pace with the competition (do or die)


  1. The Ethical Implications of AI: What CIOs Need to Know


Examine the ethical challenges and considerations that CIOs must address when implementing AI systems.



Campaign article goals

Support the campaign to bring new customers to HiveMind

By showcasing our expertise and depth of knowledge, we can build trust and credibility, and demonstrate industry expertise. 



Someone C-level, (or senior direct report) within an enterprise, responsible for Innovation and seeking insight into what’s possible and what’s not when it comes to using AI to enable and facilitate innovation across their business, and enable data driven decision making..

Secondary: Other experts to use as research and thought articles to expand their thinking

Subject and content:

Articles should be thought pieces focusing on your specialism. They should provide valuable insights into subject areas that relate to the ‘theme’ / ‘campaign’ being launched. 

A potential client should be interested in reading, and then go away feeling like they’d gained a really interesting perspective and insight into the subject area. 

What’s in it for you?

  • You will be at the forefront of a HiveMind sales campaign 

  • You will be promoted and showcased for their knowledge and expertise

  • Over time, we intend for these to be a demonstration of the calibre of expertise in the network, showing that you are part of a respected network (that has recently been named in the Financial Times as a top consulting network in the UK).

  • You will work and find support in the HiveMind core team to develop thinking and concepts for the article

  • If your article is published and used exclusively in one of our campaigns, you will receive a one-off fee of £250. You’ll also receive an additional £250 for every new HiveMind client organisation that engages us having read your article as part of one of our campaigns, (we will track this with analytics). 


  • Wordcount: 1000 words

  • About the expert section: Short bio sharing your background and portfolio of work e.g. years experience, areas of expertise, organisations you have worked for 

  • Headline: You can provide headline suggestions; the content group will have final editorial approval to be consistent with the overall style of HiveMind campaign content.

  • Photo: We need a good quality photo of you – ideally this should be a professional shot, but if you don’t have one a photograph of yourself from torso up, smiling and in colour will work (please avoid “selfies”).

  • Ownership: On publication all copyright will be assigned to HiveMind Network Limited for ongoing use, reuse and changes. You retain your moral rights, i.e. the right to be identified as the owner, but the publishers hold the copyright, and you would need to seek permission for any subsequent use of your article.

How to Apply

If this opportunity is of interest to you, please submit:

  • A 100-word precis of the article you propose to write

  • An example of your previous writing on this topic and / or evidence of your credibility in this area

  • A link to your LinkedIn profile

This will be reviewed by the content team for alignment with campaign messaging.

If your topic is not selected this time we will keep your details in case of future need. 

Application deadline: NEW – July 11

Selection process decided: NEW – July 15 

Any questions please feel free to get in contact: or DM

Skills Tags: Algorithms, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Artificial intelligence and Machine learning, author, Campaign Strategy, cloud, content, Content Development, Copywriting, creative, cyber security, Digital Marketing, ERP, Ethical governance, governance, Growth Strategy, Industrial IoT, infrastructure, innovation, Innovation and R&D, Marketing, Strategic Communications, transformation, Writer

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