HM Expert Nominated Interview Guide

A Guide for interviewing nominated HiveMind Expert Practitioners.

First of all – THANK YOU! – Supporting the network through activities such as this help make HiveMind great.

It is suggested that this guide be available during a call when existing Expert Practitioners speak with new, prospective Expert Practitioners in order to provide loose structure to such calls whilst maximising the chances of covering what’s needed.

Skills / Experience Alignment

These calls are not intended to just test someone’s skills or experience, so any member can interview any nominee. Use your initiative and flag if anyone has skipped through the quality net and shouldn’t be here but essentially these calls are looking for alignment of an applicant’s values and principles to ours.

Call Flow

Intro yourself as an existing HiveMind ‘Expert Practitioner’ and let them know why you joined

Ask if they have 30 mins for the call and let them know that the call is as much for them as it is for us.

Suggest that you’ll spend the first 5 – 10 mins outlining your experience (both professionally and personally: we are about values and capabilities) and then if it’s ok with them you can both spend another 5 – 10 mins talking about their experience etc.

Allow the other party to move the conversation toward wherever it takes them but be mindful of time and encourage away from their deep skills unless you happen to share them. If need be, remind them it’s a values focused call and that you don’t share their experience in their area if needed. It is important that they hear as much about you as you hear about them. We are aiming to both explore and identify mutual values, but also qualify for each party that you could potentially trust each other with your respective clients if the need or opportunity arises.

If you are satisfied that no ‘alarm bells’ are ringing on suitability, ask them if they are interested in joining. It’s worth knowing if they wish to join now that they’ve gone through some of the process.

Thank them for their time and bring the call to a close as appropriate.

These calls are pretty insightful and enjoyable so don’t worry if you don’t have time to plan too much: just go with it and keep this note to hand.

If they seem to fit and want to get involved, simply click the ‘tick’ on the ‘Your Interviews’ section of the bottom left ‘green square menu’ on TheHive.

Just so you have them to hand, here’s our values;

  • Challenge conventional thinking. Always.
  • Do the things we love doing first and foremost
  • Earn respect through knowledge not hierarchy
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit in all that we do
  • Demonstrate deep expertise, combined with humility
  • Act with fairness, decency and positivity towards one another
  • Believe that asking for help is a sign of strength not of weakness
  • Recognise and continually seek to demonstrate that we’re stronger together

The short video below might help too.

Thanks very much for helping make HiveMind great. You’ve earned your HiveRank!