HiveRank is HiveMinds network driven ranking and scoring system for delivery ‘Expert Practitioners’. It’s a codification of many of the things we believe makes a good expert network member. We encourage good behaviours by rewarding them. We encourage expert members to influence their HiveRank by letting them know what can be done to improve it. The actions and behaviours we encourage are all derived from The HiveMind Values.

The following gives an understanding of what influences HiveMind Expert Practitioner HiveRank scores. Depending on the score, an expert is awarded the rank of either; Associate, Affiliate or Principal. Naturally opportunities to engage are aimed at those that put more into the network; those with a greater ‘HiveRank’.

HiveRank EARNED Action TAKEN
100 You have introduced a client opportunity through ‘Client Share with commercial support’
30 You have Introduced a client through ‘Client Share
30 You have ‘Shared an Opportunity for work‘ – Client Share
30 You Nominate Someone who shares our values as a HM Expert and they are Accepted
25 You Create & Host an Event
20 Conducted an Interview with a Nominated HM Expert for entry
10 Successful delivery of a client enquiry call
10 Positive feedback per client engagement; each call, day or booking. (12 month historic lifespan)
10 Attending a HiveMind Event (Online or IRL)
10 Attending and completing an Education Program
6 Expert Practitioner Publishes an article
4 Attending and completing a module from an Education Program
4 Consucted a review of someone else’s STAR story or Service/td>
5 Joining TheHive
4 You uploaded your Profile Photo
1 Daily Visit to TheHive
100 You were accepted as a HiveMind Expert (starting advance*)

*The 100 HiveRank ‘Starting Advance’ is awarded to new Expert Members to help get them moving quickly with HiveRank. It’s an ‘advance’ for 2 key activities expected of all new delivery expert members. Those being, i) each new delivery member must attend a ‘new member onboarding’ call within their first 6 weeks, ii) each delivery member must interview a prospective member, (a nominee) within their first 3 months of joining. If these activities are not carried out, the advance of 50 HiveRank for each will be reversed.

HiveRank RANKS

Rank NameDescription
Base rank.
Associate PartnerMust have at least 100.
Associate MemberMust have at least 300.
Principal MemberMust have at least 1000.
Executive MemberMust have at least 1500.
Rank NameDescription