HiveMind Expert Tools

Here you’ll find an array of tools that have been made available to you, exclusively through your HiveMind Network account. Simple use the second level menu to access them.

For your convenience, we include the following;

Taiga (Scrum based project management / Kanban)

Our Taiga system provides significant flexibility linking high level ‘Epics’ to focused area, (Stories) which form rows or ‘swim lanes’ on an easy to use Kanban task board. This is ideal for those areas that require a more time based focus whilst linking detail tasks back to high level objectives or areas of focus.

Wekan (Simple and fast Kanban with lots of features)

Similar to a full featured Trello license, this is a very easy to use, easy and fast to set up, fully featured Kanban system that immediately feels familiar.

Calendso (Calendar scheduling links for anyone)

This system allows you to create meeting types and generate links which can then be shared with anyone, giving them sight of your availability and allowing rapid scheduling of mutually agreeable time. Useful for individuals but works well with teams or groups of people too, this system is similar to a fully paid version of the popular Calendly system. Although this system does not yet have it’s login fully integrated, it still works perfectly, just requiring you to login on first use. If you need help with this, just ask on the ‘Get help’ channel on our chat.