What is HiveExec?

HiveExec encourages and facilitates focus around your business strategy, helping ensure you and your team enable business agility across the organisation as well as minimising risks in your decisions and reducing your delivery costs. We provide personalised support to Executives and their direct reports, in addition to facilitating inclusive engagements, (*enquiries) between you and any number of HiveMind delivery experts.

Executive Partners

You work with a dedicated Executive Partner who will provide continuity around service delivery with a solid understanding of your role, having significant, successful practical experience in delivering within a similar role themselves. They will use their extensive skills and knowledge whilst facilitating from the entire HiveMind Network for your success; bringing to bear only the best people, only when and for as long as you need them.

Executive Partner Profiles

How it works in practice

Your service will kick-off with a focused session to uncover and agree on initial focus areas in the context of the lead executive and the organisation, before progressing to involve key direct reports/team members to build a tailored plan for engagement over rolling 6 month periods. This ensures we’re able to deliver service in a valuable way as quickly as possible. These sessions can take the form of formal or informal meetings or workshops to align with your typical working practices and team culture.  You will work with your chosen Executive Partner in scheduled monthly on-site sessions and remotely. In addition, your Executive Partner is available as and when you need by email or phone to help with decisions, insight and to leverage the expertise across the HiveMind Network by facilitating calls between you (your team) and our practitioners. Continuity and consistency of service from your Executive Partner enables clients to realise value from HiveExec through access to;

  • A critical, non-political friend, advisor and Soundboard
  • Coaching and Mentoring for the Executive and Leadership Team
  • Practical assistance with driving team performance
  • Experts who have “been there, seen it, done it” 
  • Board and Exec Stakeholder engagement support
  • Ability to find expertise fast, through an extended network of peers across industry sectors.
  • Reduced spend through contractors, (get just what you need, just when needed)
  • Executive concierge to leverage the flexible extended team of advisors and delivery experts to support your critical projects.

What's Included

  • 1 Dedicated day on-site, (or remote at your preference) per month for
    • Workshops
    • Document reviews
    • Coaching / mentoring
    • Research
  • Continuity of ongoing support from your Executive Partner
  • As needed telephone support from the whole network
  • Priority access to delivery experts
  • Access to HiveMind events and networking

*Enquiry is a ~45 minute call with an expert to answer questions and provide insight and guidance on your decisions. They are typically either by phone or video call.