Expert-2-Expert Nomination Processing

Welcome to HiveMind, !

In order to accept your nomination from we need just a couple of pieces of information from you. It should just take a second :)

First, what's the best phone number to reach you on?

If you use Skype, what's your Skype handle/name?

If you use LinkedIn, can you please paste your profile page link here?

Confirmation of HiveMind Network Terms

To become a HiveMind Delivery Expert, (Expert Practitioner) you must share our values, agree to our working principles, (constitution) and be nominated and vouched for by an existing member, (which you have). In addition, you must also succesfully take part in a 'mutual interview' with another existing Expert Practitioner, where you will both determine an alignment of values or otherwise.

Please first read the 'Constitution' below and if in agreement, tick the acceptance box and click 'submit'. (if you' like to print and read these first click here)

I have read and agree to the above and would like submit and continue with my nomination.