Top 5 ERP Investment Questions You Should Ask

Session Time: 8th Sept, 0830 UK.

Historically it is common to hear comments like these about ERP investments: “ERP always takes years to implement”, “ERP costs too much”, “when we need a change it takes months – and we can’t wait that long”, “I can find a better solution for my department’s needsand “we have no idea what benefits we have actually achieved”. Wouldn’t it be refreshing instead to hear comments like this “it does just what we need”, “it is easy to support business changes”, “we have been able to shift our focus from support to exploitation”, “it provides great value to cost”?

It is 25 years since the three-letter acronym was defined when the first real ERP solutions hit the market. In IT terms that’s a very long time. Despite its relative maturity ERP is often seen as a hindrance to business plans that move with ever-increasing speed in this digital era. Moreover actually implementing a new ERP solution can be even more problematic. Then there is the day-to-day “pain” of ERP’s appetite to consume a large proportion of the IT budget and resources.

ERP isn’t going away anytime soon (even if the vendors change their solutions) – just as none of us can manage without our spine, enterprises continue to rely on a strong backbone. There are some fundamental questions that IT and business leaders should ask when it comes to their business investment in ERP. In this webinar we will highlight these critical questions – and what you must do to ensure they are answered honestly and accurately for your organization.

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About Carol Hardcastle

carolHCarol has over 35 years experience that includes 15 years in senior executive level and CIO positions as well as 10 years in consulting/advisory roles.  Passionate about making change happen and ensuring IT enables tangible and measurable business success. Carol has extensive industry experience in multiple sectors, including: manufacturing, consumer goods, food/beverage, apparel and retail.  Significant experience establishing and leading global and regional IT functions and acknowledged ERP expert.

Date(s) - 08/09/2016
8:30 am - 9:30 am
Timezone: UTC


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