Transformational Change – What does Cumbria and the Caribbean have in common?

Everyone has a story and this is mine from the last 6 or so months…

Unfortunately because of the global pandemic, much like many other individuals, I’ve found myself needing to seek a role closer to home and family and my experience in the beautiful Montserrat has been cut short. However, I feel privileged and honoured to have met some amazing people across the ocean. These are the superstars of this world, doing their part and putting the world before themselves, to make a positive difference one step at a time.

As my story continues, I look forward to meeting more of these people, and doing all I can to enable them to do their part to make their world a little bit better.

As a leader, is this not the most critical thing we can do? At this moment I could quote many an inspiration saying from a historic hero, but I’ll leave it here and will ask you the question – who have you enabled, today, to make their world a better place?

Be kind to you and take care of yourselves.