What do you put on the back of your business card?

I am really interested in if and how HiveMind members use the space on the back of a business card. My version – and why I did it – is described below. I would be keen to see what others are doing!

I recently ran out of business cards and decided to get some more made. I saw it would only cost a fraction more money to have something printed on the reverse of the card.

Because I have over 15 years of management consulting experience, I find that naturally I have run many different projects in different areas, and it is hard to sum up what I do in a nutshell.

Not to say that I have left my nutshell blank on My Profile, its “Business Process Transformation”. But as an interim you always have in the back of your mind – have I missed an assignment opportunity simply because I did not tick a competence or select another tag?

The front of my card has the usual stuff – name, company, contact details and this time around I decided to fit in some qualifications. But I wanted to keep the front as “clean looking” as possible, so I decided to use the back of my business card to sum up my capabilities.

Hoping that when I next meet a prospect and they ask what I can do, I can use the reverse of the business card as a natural lead in to tease out where the prospect has some real needs and then to tell a few experience stories that relate to those needs.

Once again, really interested to know how other HiveMinders use their business cards, and any stories of whether what you say on your card has led to any interesting assignments.