What’s the Buzz/ – New Year, New You?

Strictly speaking, new year’s resolutions are rubbish. There’s literally no difference between Dec 31 and Jan 01 except 24 hours or one sleep (if you got any ;-) ) Experience has likely shown you that any resolutions you made were rather quickly forgotten or flattened like a pancake by whatever came barreling along next. Those of us working with Agile are used to adapting quickly to changing circumstances and know that nothing is written in stone.

Except it is.

There are 4 core values that underscore every endeavor:

Just like in politics, we seem to be constantly wobbling between left and right. Thinking that, like our resolutions, it comes down to our individual determination, tenacity, strength of will, hours spent behind the desk … or some other rubbish we think we can control all by ourselves.

So, in the new year, I challenge you to:

  • Find someone who understands processes and tools that are most beneficial for individuals and interactions.
  • Get someone with writing experience to provide purpose-driven documentation support
  • Contract someone who is trained in communications to assist in collaborative sessions with your stakeholders
  • Hire someone who can help liaise between the three main time horizons—release, iteration, and day— as part of the larger portfolio of the organization’s strategic planning. 

Yes, Agile promotes individuals and interactions over processes and tools.  But it does not promote individuals over the larger community — and that is what the Hive Network is all about. 

Here’s a refresher on the Hive values:

  • Challenge conventional thinking. Always.
  • Do the things we love doing first and foremost.
  • Earn respect through knowledge not hierarchy.
  • Demonstrate generosity of spirit in all that we do.
  • Demonstrate deep expertise, combined with humility.
  • Act with fairness, decency and positivity towards one another.
  • Believe that asking for help is a sign of strength not of weakness.
  • Recognise and continually seek to demonstrate that we’re stronger together.

Happy 2019, everyone – may it be a great year for the Hive Network, our clients, and our communities.

Best Wishes, Anna
Organizational Psychologist