Brexit – Opportunity knocks!

If you (or your client) are a young and dynamic UK based business and worried about the impact of Brexit on Manufacturing operations, Exports to EU or Supply chain operations – we may have a solution. Read on.

Want to access a trillion $ economy?

“We help young and dynamic UK based Businesses setup part of their capacity in India and export back to EU, export worldwide or sell locally within India. Here’s how it works:

1. Trade with Europe

Customs Union or not – you need to trade with Europe.

We will help you enter India and setup a manufacturing base either as a subsidiary or a joint venture.

Export to EU from your Indian entity.

The lower manufacturing cost in India will more than offset transportation and supply chain costs.

2. Sell locally in India

India is 6th largest economy with a $2.3 trillion GDP and millions of small businesses eager to collaborate.

Grab a slice and be part of India growth story.

We help you with local regulatory approvals, Sales and Marketing, Manufacturing, Supply chain – anything and even everything on a turnkey basis.

3. Hire Skilled Resources

Skilled Resources are in high demand.

Whether you are in Financial Services, Health Care, Technology or any other sector – Secure your Business growth by setting up an offshore captive unit in India and building an operations support team. We provide complete end-to-end support for small, midsize companies.

4. First come – First served

We plan to take up projects on a first come-first served basis.

We are experts when it comes to doing Business in India. We know the local terrain and we are focused on a few investor-friendly Indian states. We will only take up a handful of projects so we can focus on making them successful. So, now is the time to contact us.

Presenting the UK-India-EU solution.

Our team is ideally positioned to support you through the Brexit transition phase and most importantly, continue to “Deliver the Results” beyond Brexit.

100% UK based Support

Since 2001, we have gained vast experience working with UK Businesses in almost all sectors. We fully understand the values that British businesses stand for.

Call us for a discussion at your premises.

100% support in India

We have an existing team in India with the local regulatory knowledge, manufacturing base and experience of marketing global products and services in the Indian market.

Plan a joint visit to India

Investor friendly states in India

We have the experience of working on the ground and fully understand which parts of India to embrace for their investor friendly approach, access to skilled manpower, good infrastructure and growth potential.

Preferred Sectors

Hi-Tech Products & Services, Healthcare and Pharma, Renewable Energy, Food Processing, Precision Engineering, Auto ancillary, Garments & Footwear, Contract Manufacturing, Small appliances, Furniture & fixtures, Textiles & Home furnishing, Agro products and many more specialist sectors in the small and mid-size business categories.

Meet our team in UK and India – underpinned by the power of Hivemind Network