Then & Now: Did the Digital Roadmap play out?

MIT Sloan Management have opened up their research goodie box for today and tomorrow only (October 2nd & 3rd), and my interest was sparked by the article “Nine Element of Digital Transformation” (summarised by MIT in January 2014, off an article developed in November 2011 in conjunction with CapGemini (

And here we are in 2018 fast approaching 2019, and I am wondering if the roadmaps identified then, with their composite elements, have proven out.  The headlines of ‘transforming customer experience’, ‘transforming operational processes’, and ‘transforming business models’ are pretty standard, and the sub-topics are all relevant…

The question I have is: have these all borne out over time? We are 7 years on from the original article: what evidence is out there that bears out (or challenges) the original findings?  Are these still relevant? What would we now add to the list?