It’s a sellers market. So, I’ve put together a list of 10 (possibly new) questions for L&D teams to use in their ‘Learning Technology’ vendor discussions:

What is the big change your business is trying to make / facilitate / accelerate in the world of work?

What is your worldview of the role of learning in business settings today?

Who is your proposition for and, not for?; (i.e. which work contexts and cultures does your ‘solution’ best support and why?)

Describe how your organisation interprets the terms ‘training’, ‘learning’, ‘learner’, ‘learning culture’ and ‘digital transformation’

What is currently the biggest challenge for leaders of teams in organisations from your perspective?

How can we balance support for both productive and generative learning in teams in your opinion?

According to HBRs “Leaders Guide to Corporate Culture” report from February 2018 only 7% of CEOs currently prioritise a culture of continuous learning as an enabler to successfully achieving their business strategy. What are your thoughts on this fundamental challenge for ‘L&D’?

What do you believe are now the key measures of success for ‘L&D’ teams?

What individual and team behaviours does your ‘solution’ help to enable / facilitate / accelerate?

Tell me about the businesses where you have seen this change as a result of your leadership and partnership

(NB. if the vendor wants to answer these questions by highlighting ‘features and benefits’ of their particular ‘solution’ / ‘technology’ / ‘platform’ / ‘digital tool’ – then politely repose the question).

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