What’s Next For eCommerce Technologies?

In theory, a technology’s value should outstrip its use. But in many of the areas we research, we find retailers have often been coaxed into implementing various technologies before realizing the value for their specific needs. This has happened all too often in stores, in particular, and is either usually the result of fear that if a retailer doesn’t ride a particular wave, they will be left out or because so much infrastructure technology must be implemented before any value can be had from the investment.

But as it relates to eCommerce — this is simply not the case.

On rare occasions within our eCommerce Benchmark Reports over the years we’ve seen cases where retailers have begrudgingly implemented a technology for which they don’t see much value. This year, however, as it relates to infrastructure technologies, that list is a short one (only call center solutions take the blow) and retailers — as a whole — are steadily marching towards implementing the behind-the-scenes technologies they see as most useful (Figure, below).

Figure: Behind The Scenes

Source: RSR Research, February 2016

However, as usual, Winners are the ones pushing the pace. The following figure, taken from our most recent report, Digital Divergence: The Future of Digital Commerce, highlights that it’s the best performers who value virtually all of the behind-the-scenes technologies we put forward – including platforms, analytics and content management systems — far more than their competitors.

Figure: Winners Showing Why They Win

Source: RSR Research, February 2016

These are not the only differences between how Winners, compared to their peers, are approaching eCommerce. In fact, the full report highlights multiple instances where Retail Winners display a different type of thinking to eCommerce strategies: lessons all retailers can learn from. We invite you to read the full report here.