Free Tool for Improving Cyber Maturity

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This week, the ISSA ( announced a free online tool available to all cyber security professionals. It is being offered as part of its partnership with the Alliance for Performance Excellence, which promotes Baldrige-based quality and performance frameworks. You may know Baldrige as the framework behind TQM, Six Sigma and other improvement systems.

I think this is a powerful tool and a great opportunity for all of us in technology and business to start building quality into our security programs, and to resist the temptation to be in a pertetual state of fire-fighting.

Andrea Hoy, President of ISSA, characterized the partnership this way in the ISSA press release.

The Alliance for Performance Excellence will help our members with principles and tools that can be used to build and test more resilient mature security operations. For over 30 years, Baldrige has been well recognized as the standard to reach in business for performance excellence, and I am honored that the Alliance for Performance Excellence has selected us as a partner.

The Alliance for Performance Excellence is supporting ISSA members–and the entire industry–by providing a free Baldrige-based self-assessment tool through its partner, ManageHub. This self-assessment, named the Security Success Score™, allows anyone to assess the performance of security operations in light of NIST-based and Baldrige-based frameworks. The Security Success Score™ is suitable for any sized organization, with special emphasis on small and mid-sized organizations.

Click here to take the Free self-assessment

Read the full Press Release here