AgendaShift in action – IT Ops

AgendaShift In Action

Following the recent introduction of Kanban to the Internet Hosting Group (basically what we would refer to as an IT ops function in the Kanban community) of a client, I wanted to test out a new tool from Mike Burrows called AgendaShift. As a coach, AgendaShift provides me with a well rounded set of themes for helping clients understand where they can look for improvement. The on-line assessment provides a set of questions that I work through with the participants broken down into the following themes:

  • Transparency
  • Balance
  • Collaboration
  • Customer Focus
  • Flow
  • Leadership

The tool was very good at surfacing areas that needed improvement and the consensus in the room agreed with the findings. Following the assessment we agreed an initial set of actions to help the client move towards the desired outcomes. Most of the proposed changes could be brought to life through making policy changes to the Kanban system we’d implemented.

Overall, I think AgendaShift is a really useful tool in my toolkit. Highly recommended.