Proactive Customer Service

We’re pleased to announce our latest whitepaper which has been co-written with leading customer experience expert, Adrian Swinscoe, on how to ‘transform your customer experience by making your customer service proactive‘.

Traditionally customer service is reactive, but reactive customer service is both expensive and un-engaging. Meanwhile, proactive customer service offers cost savings and customer engagement opportunities. 

Firms need to look at what reactive customer service is actually costing them, in terms of extra resources and costs and what they are, potentially, losing out on.

This whitepaper;

  • highlights the business case for offering proactive customer service
  • showcases some great examples of organisations already doing this and how they are benefiting 
  • outlines a process for getting started and for developing ideas and initiatives for improvement. 
About the authors
Adrian Swinscoe | RARE Business
We are a consultancy focusing on the design and delivery of break-through and exceptional customer service and customer experience.
Led by Adrian Swinscoe, a noted consultant, speaker, thought leader and Forbes contributor in this space, our work and pragmatic approach always results in cost savings, higher revenues, better service and an improved overall customer and employee experience. We work with large, international and ambitious businesses solve their customer related growth, service or experience problems. | | @adrianswinscoe
Caz Yetman & Danielle Sheerin | BrightCultures
We are the most experienced consultants in creating social customer care for regulated companies.
Our unique blend of practical processes and people-thinking means we can help you integrate social media into every aspect of your social customer care offering, whether you’re just starting up, or wanting to develop a 360° customer care centre. We work with international brands like O2 and organisations that are heavily regulated like Barclays, DirectLine and RBS. | | @brightcultures