Riding the Omni-Channel Tsumani

I was shocked to learn a few months ago that in the global population of 6.5 billion people more than 4 billion have mobile phones. Global consumers are not merely just increasing their use of mobile telephones, they are doing so via smarter devices smart phones, tablets or hybrid devices.

Today’s customer journey can start in any one channel and proceed through many others; such as social media, web chat, text, email, and/or the telephone. The term Omni-Channel is used to describe the new standards for companies trying to provide a seamless customer experiences across multiple channels and devices including telephones, tablets and or PC/laptops.
In a world where customer experience is becoming even more of a business driver, competitive businesses can no longer sit idle. Their goal is to ensure that the customer experience, regardless of the channel but of the customers’ choice, remain consistent and at a high level. Conversations start in one medium and or device and can end in another with several other visits (touch points) along the way. Some customers may choose to simultaneously use multiple channels to communicate. A good Omni-Channel strategy keeps the customer at the centre of attention.

The stakes are high and getting higher for manufacturers, retailers and distributors in their ability to predict what products and services their customers are seeking. That is challenging enough but those that succeed will provide a higher quality, more robust and consistent customer experience than their competitors. More companies and organisations have realised that a delighted customer is easier to keep, harder to loose and is more profitable!

It is my belief that we are reaching a tipping point and many companies are not ready to deal with it.  A tsunami of change is upon us due to the ever-increasing pace of technological change and the fact that all of the information in the world is doubling every year.

Future shock is the shattering stress and disorientation that we induce in individuals by subjecting them to too much change in too short a time. Alvin Toffler

I entered the technology field over 30 years ago after reading Alvin Toffler’s “Future Shock.” The point that resonated strongest with me within the book was about change. Toffler pointed out that there were 3 types of people: Those who hated and resisted change, Those who tolerated it and Those that rode the wave of change. Regardless of your point of view, change happens and its now happening at a faster and faster pace.

It is becoming more challenging than ever for companies to decide which choices to make in order to keep up with and even anticipate their customers demands. ATS draws on decades of experience, proven methodologies, and a unique and collaborative approach to assist you in identifying solutions that best meet your business needs. Our clients will tell you that we are their trusted advisors in every sense and for every channel.

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