Get inspiring ideas on customer-centric process leadership

Business Process Management (BPM) is about managing everything that is done in an organisation to provide successful customer outcomes (hence it is a customer-centric effort). You need a plan, which includes a description from the organisation regarding how it will roll out and upkeep the Business Process Management (BPM) initiative, select processes for development and train people to lead the actual implementation. All this requires professional, leadership and communication skills.

Janne Ohtonen has published a new book called You Think You Are Doing Well? Become a Winner With Customer-Centric Process Leadership! which is aimed to help you to grow those skills on a weekly basis. There’s no book available that can tell you what exactly has to be done in your specific situation. Therefore getting new and inspiring ideas on how to take your personal skills and the organisation forward are valuable.

For example, in the early twentieth century, Henry Ford wanted to expand the market for his cars. His approach was to make his workers more productive through better-designed processes. He could then pay them better, which he did instituting an unheard-of $5 a day minimum wage at his factories in 1914, thereby doubling the wages of many of his workers. This then led to a larger market for his cars, as many workers were now able to afford cars for the first time. The point here is that Mr. Ford developed a sustainable solution based on novel ideas (which people at his time thought were crazy) that lasted for years. Increasing your skills on continuing basis to generate inspiring ideas will bring you better results in the long run. To get inspiring ideas on customer-centric process leadership, download this new book and inspire yourself into new actions.

The book includes important topics such as: How do you meaningfully align your revenue, costs and service strategy? What are the problems in leadership? How can you think your way to success? What are the important questions in process management projects?

Does more interaction mean improved customer experience?Prominent business blogger and author Janne Ohtonen has published a new book called You Think You Are Doing Well? Become a Winner With Customer-Centric Process Leadership!†which helps contemporary leaders to improve their process flows and personal leadership skills. This book is available as a downloadable version at