ICD-10: It’s (Almost) Here!

If you’re in the healthcare field, it’s pretty likely you’ve spent a good portion of the last few years preparing for the coming of ICD-10.

As of Oct. 1 – less than a week away – everyone covered by HIPAA will be required to use the new coding standard. And with some 68,000 diagnosis codes to ICD-9’s 13,000, ICD-10 is sure to present some confusion when it’s fully put into use.

What does that have to do with healthcare technology, you ask?


ATS and partners like GoMo Health and ITyX specialize in helping healthcare organizations gain efficiency and meet ever-increasing patient needs and demands. That’s a big deal, particularly when something as massive as the ICD-10 cutover is going on. Think about it: When an enterprise-wide project like ICD-10 compliance is going on, resources become strained; there’s only so much to go around. But strained resources cannot – must not – be noticeable to patients. They need to receive the same high standard of care you’ve always provided, regardless of what’s happening on the business or coding end.

That’s why technology matters at a time like this – and will remain so when ICD-11 comes due in 2018. Tools like GoMo Health – a wonderful patient engagement solution proven to reduce unnecessary emergency department usage and improve patient and member satisfaction – and ITyX – a uniquely smart customer service and information sharing platform – allow healthcare organizations to do more with less staff time. With the right technology, time-consuming, non-value-add tasks like following up with patients on regular medications become automated, and EHR systems do even more.

The result? Quality care, superior compliance and exceptional results, no matter what’s impacting your organization.