Of course you are ready for Digital

It is estimated that 70% of companies are ready for digital? Really? I doubt it. Having studied disruption including digital disruption for the past year I am very aware that it is a business issue. Having worked with CIO’s for the past decade I also know that IT is not paid to sort out business issues on its own.

I’m not dissing CIOs. Really I’m not; unless you are on the board of your company this stuff is literally above your pay grade to be able to solve. If your CIO reports to your CFO you have a problem coming with digital disruption. No matter how good your CIO is there is no chance she can ward of disruption by creating the level of transformation necessary without a strong mandate.

Digital is a completely new way of working – it means a massive change to your customers and in order to have a chance of keeping up you will have to significantly change your company. This is not a technology roll out. It is not an add-on. It is a structural change where elements of what you have today will need to be cannibalised to survive.

If it seems you may have underestimated the impact of technology driven change to your market place do something about it – become informed about what the impact will be. Don’t just ask your CIO if everything will be fine.

managedisruption gartner says

They we can tell you what will happen. We can tell you how to manage it.