All You Need Is Likes

I received a newsletter this morning from my friend Stewart Levine ofResolution Works. One of his recommendations was to watch a video that had appeared on PBS’ Frontline in February of 2014: Generation Like.

Wikimedia Commons

Wikimedia Commons

Written by Frank Koughan and Douglas Rushkoff, it’s one of the most interesting and profound documentaries I’ve seen on millennials and social media.

“To stand on the sidelines is not an option.”

I highly recommend watching Generation Like if you:

  • Kind of, sort of but don’t really understand the power of social media
  • Want to learn about the world of likes, follows, friends and retweets, or
  • How the millennials are being influenced, or
  • How consumers are doing as much as marketers in getting their message across and
  • Why companies like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat and others are worth billions – not because of profit but Like’s

I’m a baby boomer who grew up on television and was influenced by marketing my entire life. I can still recall advertising jingles from my childhood as most of my peers can. Something has changed profoundly however. This used to be a one way conversation from the marketer to the consumer. Today, in the digital world we live in the consumer is doing as much as the marketer in promoting products and getting the message across. However one thing remains the same – everything is still planned and manipulated.

The foundation of my career was at PepsiCo, one of the top marketing companies then – and as you will see in the video – now. Regardless of your focus, industry or depth of technical knowledge, I promise you will pick up a couple of valuable nuggets in the video that you can apply immediately; specifically, practical tips on:

  • Generating more Likes by collaborating with others – merging fan bases
  • Leveraging other brands for marketing support
  • Turning Likes into $$$
  • Monitoring results – Facebook Post Analysis

After watching Generation Like, I now I have a better understanding of the world of social media. Those who understand and master it can create, controlled, “online brushfires” generating phenomenal awareness, Likes and perhaps even becoming famous like Tyler Oakley the Jedi Master. For millennials like Tyler, the more Likes you have, the better you feel and the better you can leverage it, turning Likes into Gold.