UCS Podcast: What Is/Should be Kaput or End-of-Life?

We had some fun on this week’s UCStrategies podcast, talking about things we think should be goners or are walking dead, but just don’t know it yet.

Of course, everyone has their pet peeves, and the one that resonated for me was Kevin Kieller’s comment about privacy. Yeah, that’s a big one, and we’re giving it up, one tweet at a time – as long as we can have fun in the moment, really, what else is more important in life? Party on….

I’m even bleaker, but you’ll have to get to the 28:19 mark for my thoughts. Lots of good ideas otherwise – some very technical and some just everyday practical. Unless I missed something, I don’t think anyone said that UC itself is kaput, and there are certainly times when I think that’s the case.

Let’s stay upbeat and get you over to our portal. The podcast was moderated by the always-you’re-wrong-unless-I-tell-you-otherwise Dave Michels, and it’s now posted there for downloading.

Sneak peek – I’ll be moderating next weeks’s podcast – that will be a first for me as a UC Expert. I recently posted about some new research that had some noteworthy findings about how SMBs view UC. It’s not a topic we hear enough about, so we’ll all get to explore things further then. Watch for it here and on the UCStrategies site towards the end of next week.