The No-Change Approach to Organisational Change: Starting Where You Are

“The no-change approach to organisational change” was the focus of this week’s drop-in session (December 1) as HiveMinder Kenny Grant lead a discussion on the evolutionary, people-centric approach taken at Northern Gas Networks, in the context of Agile / Lean change.

The evolutionary approach is an intrinsically motivated alternative to the ‘business transformation’ type change programmes that attempt to affect lasting change through external influence.

Kenny is currently the Director of GrantWorks Blue Ltd and has been a member of the HiveMind Network for 11 months now, acting as an Agile Lean Transformation Coach. He helps businesses transition to more effective ways of working. Kenny specialises in Agile, lean, enterprise architecture, scrum and change management, as well as many other areas.

You can download the Powerpoint slides from Kenny’s presentation here