How Apple Mastered the Online Customer Experience

What is Apple’s customer service number if your 69p app fails to download?

Or perhaps another questions for anyone that owns an iPod, iPad or iPhone: when was the last time you pressed “Buy” in the app store and it didn’t work?

app store

For me, this is at the heart of Systems Thinking. What does the customer want? –then design a process that delivers it right-first-time as quickly and as effortlessly as possible.

Apple may not be perfect, but they do work hard at get the customer experience right. They avoid the need for a “Customer Services” desk – because they put all their effort into making sure it never goes wrong.

Can you imagine the size of the call centre if only a very small proportion of the 50,000,000,000 app downloads had gone wrong…

When was last time you were “on hold” or had to call back on numerous occasions when something went wrong with your bank / insurance / cable / mobile / benefit / claim? Why couldn’t they design it so that it always worked? Why are you left to feel like it’s your fault?

What’s happening in your “Customer Services” desk? How many calls are being received that are chasing previous errors, mistakes or delays? How much is this costing your business?