Customer Experience – The New Battlefield

New Gartner Report Supports What We Hear In Our Network

If you have not seen it yet, do have a look at the Jake Sorofman’s blog

One of our thoughts is that true Customer Experience is the natural Convergence of Customer Service & Marketing best practise.


Marketing is about the creation of an emotionally compelling proposition in response to a market need. Customer Service – which is evolving to Customer Contact – is about delivering that proposition in as engaging a way as possible for customers so that, collectively, the commercial goals of the company are met in the most efficient way possible. By the way ‘efficient’ in this context is at the most approbate cost, whilst generating the highest level of Customer value.

Still not convinced?

I don’t want to steal Jakes thunder – so do go and read his blog, if for no other reason than the view that by 2017 CE will account for 50% of Marketings expenditure.

We couldn’t agree more, but I think it will happen faster than even they think.