HiveMind; a new and exciting next generation professional network.

A place where exceptionally talented business, technology and design experts come together with motivated and passionate clients, to help build smarter businesses.

Great People


The heart of HiveMind is a community of exceptionally talented business, design and technology experts, with shared values. Who together, with smart and motivated clients make work a better place.


Working as One


Imagine this trusted professional network, working as one. Wholly focused on the success of you and your business . This is HiveMind.

Bringing Ideas to Life


 From insight to delivery, shop floor to boardroom, we blend the skills, insight, experience and solutions to bring your Ideas to Life

To Enter TheHive

Joining HiveMind to access or contribute to our content or to speak or work with our experts is easy, quick and free.

To become a HiveMind Expert Practitioner

If you would like to join our rapidly expanding network of exceptionally talented independent experts and entrepreneurial small firms in a delivery capacity, gaining sponsorship, (a personal nomination) from an existing HiveMind Expert Practitioner is an essential first step. Please join first as a guest using the link above and once a HiveMinder who can vouch for you has been identified, they can then nominate you for consideration. In addition to locating a HiveMind Expert you already know using this site, (TheHive) you can also request membership to our recently formed LinkedIn group here.